Fall Books for Preschoolers We Love to Read Aloud

5 Preschool Books about Fall that Rake in Joy

Autumn is my favorite season. The leaves change color, the air turns cooler, and pumpkin-flavored everything starts appearing everywhere. There’s also something about the fall season that just feels so cozy and special. And what better way to celebrate autumn than by reading books about it? Here are 10 great

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Fall fine motor activities for preschoolers include a pumpkin play dough invitation, pumpkin patch fine motor activity, pumpkin hammering activity, and a fall sensory bin.

5 Fall Fine Motor Activities Pumped with Fun

Is it just me, or do fall activities lend themselves to working those little muscles in tiny toddler fingers? Nature just has a way of inviting little ones’ fine motor skills to come to life. With leaves, acorns, and pumpkins, there are many ways to get those little fingers moving

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Fall art activities for preschoolers include dotted fall leaves, coffee filter fall leaves, pinecone rolled fall trees, and leaf print paintings.

5 Fall Art Projects for Preschoolers Inspired by Nature

Fall is an inspirational canvas, with vibrant leaves and sunbeams painting our sky through crooked branches. The magical inspiration of the fall season makes it easy to come up with rich fall art activities for our preschoolers. Not only can we use the majestic fall scene to swirl our creativity

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5 All About Me Books for Toddlers that Embody Self-Love

Looking for a way to help your preschoolers learn about themselves and build self-confidence? Then check out some all about me books! These fun and engaging books can help teach your little ones about their likes, dislikes, family, friends, and more. Plus, they’re a great way to start building a

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