5 Fall Math Activities for Preschoolers to Honor the Changing Season

Fall is always the season that catches me by surprise. It sneaks up on me year after year, and before I know it, it’s gone! One minute we are basking in the warmth of summer, and then Christmas decorations are for sale all around me. I think fall deserves its moment of glory, and a fall theme is one way to give the cooler weather, seasonal flavors, and changes in nature some recognition! Check out these fall math activities for preschoolers that help us celebrate the changing season.

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Fall Lesson Plans

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Harvest the Number

Fall Math Activities for Preschoolers

Picking out the perfect pumpkin is such a task each year. There are so many different shapes and sizes. 


Do you feel the same sense of accomplishment when I find the one?!


Whether walking the pumpkin patch or digging through bins at the store, the satisfaction of finding the perfect match is worth it every time. 


The pumpkins, squash, and corn in this fall harvest number activity are just waiting to be picked and matched together.


First, your preschoolers will pick up a harvest card. On the harvest card, they will see the number they need to harvest.


Once they identify the number, they will harvest the matching pumpkin, squash, and corn from the garden!


Stacking pumpkins

Fall Ten Frame Activity

When you carve pumpkins, do you go for the traditional jack-o-lantern face, or do you venture out with more intricate designs?


I’m a sucker for the traditional jack-o-lantern, and these “pump-cans” are no exception!


You’ll notice that each pumpkin has a different amount of teeth, which is by design! They’re set up in a ten frame pattern.


Your students will use the included formation cards to arrange the pumpkin cans.


By counting the teeth on each pumpkin, those counting skills will be practiced over and over again. 


Then, if you’re up for a rowdy crowd, throw or roll a pumpkin at the cans to knock them over, just like at a fall festival! You’ll get those gross motor skills working, and everyone will be lining up for a turn!


Acorn counting Activity

Plus Shape Identification

As a little kid, there’s nothing better than a fresh pile of leaves just waiting to be jumped in. It’s almost a universal rite of passage.


But depending on where you live, oak trees with acorns may be a new concept for your preschoolers! 


This counting acorns math activity brings the oak trees right to your learners where they can pretend to be squirrels hiding acorns for the winter!


Simply create the trees by printing, cutting, and gluing them around a cup (or another similar container).


Then, prepare your card and gather your acorns.


Your little ones will be ready to count acorns and add them to the tree with the same shape as the card, working on number identification, shape identification, and counting with this acorn math activity.


Pumpkin Muffins

Fall Counting Sensory Bin

Pumpkin spice has staked its claim on the fall season – whether it’s a latte, bread, or candle, it is all the rage during the fall months. 


This fall counting sensory bin is no exception. 


First, fill your bin with brown beads, plastic pumpkins, chocolate chips, and cinnamon sticks. 


Then print (and laminate!) your pumpkin muffin recipe cards. 


Your little ones will be ready to count the ingredients to make the muffins in the sensory bin!


Missing Acorn Numbers

Fall Math Activities for Preschoolers

Cute animals have a way of drawing in people. 


You just can’t resist the fluffiness, cute faces, or all-around sweetness!


For this acorn math activity, each of these numbered cards contains cute little forest animals peeking out of acorns. 


There’s just one catch – some of the acorns are missing numbers.


Your preschoolers can use their number identification skills to find the missing numbers and complete each acorn!


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Each of these fall math activities for preschoolers are crafted just for your students to enjoy during the fall season. Your toddlers will enjoy embracing all that fall brings as they learn with pumpkins and acorns this fall season!

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