Fall Leaf Activities for Preschoolers to Spark Fun & Creativity

As the days get cooler, it’s time to explore nature! This fall can be a fun and educational experience for your preschoolers. Let their curiosity run wild as they discover different science concepts using leaves – what colors do they come in? How many shapes are there? What happens when you create a crayon rubbing or put them in water? So much learning potential awaits with just one of nature’s marvels. Check out these fall leaf activities for preschoolers!

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Fall Leaf Investigation

Fall Leaf Activities for Preschoolers

If you want to bring instant joy to a preschooler, tell them they are going to be the student of the week and hand them an all about me poster for them to bring back and share. 


It’s one of those traditions that, as a teacher, you make sure you do each and every year. Your little ones get to share what is close to their heart and make them unique.


This all about my leaf activity reminds me of an all about me activity! Instead of describing qualities about themselves, your preschoolers will describe a leaf!

When they complete the leaf investigation, your toddlers will be able to describe their leaves’ size, color, and shape. Compare with classmates to reinforce the idea that each leaf is unique, just like them!


Leaf Sort

Sort by Color

Do you sort your loads of laundry by color? Or do you grab a pile, throw in the clothes and detergent, and start the washer?


Ask that in a room with multiple generations (or my husband’s blue-tinted t-shirts), and you may spark a heated debate!


Instead of sorting laundry, reinforce sorting in your preschool classroom with leaves this fall.


It’s a simple activity to prepare and set up. Just print the cards with photographs of real leaves or collect leaves outside. 


Let your preschoolers sort the leaves by color for this fall science activity!


Leaf Sort

Sorting by Size

If you teach toddlers, you know exactly what I’m talking about when I say… there’s nobody taller than a toddler who is measuring their own height!


In fact, there’s nobody taller than a toddler who is comparing their height to a peer. 


Somehow their hand leaves their head and zooms toward the sky as they proclaim, “I am THIS tall!”. 


In all seriousness, sorting by size is a skill your toddlers can practice with leaves this fall. 


Use the leaf sorting mats included with this activity to help your little ones sort leaves or photographs of leaves by size.


Favorite Leaf Color

Class Graphing Activity

Fall brings about much change and beauty. The changing leaf colors are just one of those beautiful things we can count on seeing each year.


Depending on where you live, you may see an abundance of colors on trees or just a few. 


Display some pictures of fall trees for your little ones to see the unique colors leaves can turn. I can hear them “oohing and ahhing” from here!


Then, use this leaf color graph to show each student’s favorite color.


Afterward, you can point out which color is the most popular! Which will it be!?


Fall Leaf Rubbing

Labeling Parts of a Leaf

As teachers, it’s our job to bring excitement and fun into the classroom. And what better way to do that than with a leaf rubbing activity for your kids? 


What initially seems like a simple task can become an amazing learning experience that your students will absolutely love. Especially when you add in the parts of a leaf labels!


Not only does this activity provide the opportunity for creative expression, but it also stimulates the senses; allowing children of all ages to interact and explore nature in unique ways! 


Plus, with minimal materials required, it’s a win-win!


Fall Leaf Counting Craft

Fall Leaf Activities for Preschoolers

Trade in the real leaves for this fall counting craft.


It’s a simple setup for counting reinforcement. 


Each tree trunk has a number telling your preschooler how many leaves need to be painted. 


Using dot markers or paint, your preschoolers will add the leaves to the tree!


Simple, engaging, and lets your little learners practice those counting skills this fall!


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As we move into the fall season, let’s celebrate the individuality and beauty of each leaf! From studying its shape to counting different types, there are endless possibilities for fun leaf activities for preschoolers to explore in class. Engage them with leaf rubbing and sorting too–each one will be unique just like them!

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