5 Transportation Math Activities for Preschoolers That Reach Soaring Heights

Dr. Seuss said, “You’re off to great places!” But the question that every preschooler needs to know is how do we get there? Sure, toddlers know about cars and planes, but what about all the other things that go? These transportation math activities will get your tots exploring different types of vehicles and incorporate counting, measuring, and more! Check out these transportation math activities for preschoolers!

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Transport Measure

Non-Standard Measurement

Sometimes, I swear they are making parking spots smaller and smaller. Or maybe they just don’t know how to measure? 


Ha! I’ll take any excuse I can get when my parking is less than perfect


Reinforce non-standard measurement with our transportation measurement activity


Your little ones will grab a card and use their transportation counters to measure the desired length. 


Once they have it measured, they will mark it with a pencil and cut the strip of paper to match the length!


An easy and effective way to develop and sort those measuring skills as one of your transportation math activities for preschoolers.


Passport Stamps

Transportation Counting Activity

Fun stamps on my passport: Italy, France, Ireland, Jamaica, and Mexico. 


I’m dreaming of adding more stamps this year. The possibilities and destinations are endless! 


Instead of hopping on a plane and heading out of the country, this passport counting activity will keep your preschoolers busy and learning right in your classroom. No long security lines or luggage weight limits are necessary to get their stamps. 


Once you’ve passed out passports, your little learners are ready to stamp. They will flip through the countries and use a dot marker to count and stamp the corresponding number. 

Happy travels stamping!


Hot Air Balloon Ride

Transportation Math Activities for Preschoolers

Imagine thousands of hot air balloons taking off at sunrise, drifting around the cloudless sky in a sea of colors.


Now imagine you are in that hot air balloon chasing dreams.


While I’ve been to the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque twice, it’s still a dream of mine to ride in a hot air balloon.


Until I can chase that dream, let’s soar around the classroom with this next transportation activity.


You’ll want ice cream cups or plastic, circular containers to make the hot air balloon baskets. Then, attach the balloon to the back and the numbered basket to the front.


Your preschoolers will grab a ticket (with numerals or ten frames) and load that number of people counters into the basket before soaring off into the sky.


Gas Station

Water Table Counting Activity

For some strange reason, my gas tank is always empty when my husband goes to drive. Sorry, not sorry. It’s definitely not my favorite thing to do, especially in winter, or summer, or ever.


But I can definitely handle this gas station for our water table!


It’s a fun way to get your toddlers to practice counting. 


Just add the printable cards with cars, helicopters, motorcycles, and airplanes. Each card shows how many “squirts” of gas each mode of transportation needs to be filled back up!


With a dropper, your preschoolers can practice counting and refuel any vehicle that comes through the gas station.


Train Car Math

Transportation Math Activities for Preschoolers

Trains are one of those types of transportation that we sometimes forget about. 


They don’t run through every town, and in some states, they are rarely used for passengers!


This train car math activity lets your little ones explore trains and numeracy. 


Each train engine has a matching caboose. Your preschoolers will count the tally marks or dots to find the corresponding trains!


Tip: Use magnetic tiles so your little learners can attach the train engines together – and give this activity that extra ca-boost!


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These transportation math activities for preschoolers are perfect for little ones who are fascinated by all things that go! By incorporating everyday objects like tickets and cars, you can make math centers fun and engaging. Plus, these activities can be done at home or in the classroom with very few materials needed. So get planning – your preschoolers will love playing and learning with these transport math activities!

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