5 Fall Activities Preschoolers Love for Autumn Literacy Centers

Some people think fall is all about the changing leaves. Others think it’s all about the pumpkin spice. Personally, I think fall is all about last-ditch delights before winter traps you inside for months. And these fall activities for your classroom are all about having fun in the fall (even if you’re inside for school). Check out these fall activities preschoolers will love to explore in your autumn literacy centers.

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Fall Lesson Plans

Fall weekly lesson plans with literacy activities, fall math activities, science investigations, fine motor activities, fall art ideas, and making soup dramatic play.

alpha-Bear Letter Activity

Fall Activities Preschoolers Will Love

Alpha-Bear, who is getting ready for winter by eating all of the letters of the alphabet, needs your preschoolers’ help!


Before he hibernates for the long winter, he wants to eat as many letters as possible. Chomp, chomp, chomp!


Print out the letter mat for your magnetic tray, the bear song card, letter cards, and the bear printout to set up this activity. 


Once you have everything printed, create Alpha-Bear with a disposable wipe container. 


Now he’s ready to be fed according to the cards your preschoolers draw!


Corn Letter Mazes

Fall Letter Identification Activity

Have you ever felt like you were in a movie?


The blustering leaves swirled around like confetti, and it was so magically warm that being outside felt close to perfection. Vibrant leaves, warm sun, and a soft fall breeze blew as we explored the towering corn maze.


The surreal scene also felt complete because corn mazes are my favorite fall activity. Puzzles, games, and life-size mazes are what I live for, hence the magical, movie-like day.


And for all your maze lovers, this next fall literacy activity will challenge your kiddos to escape the corn letter mazes as they work on letter identification. 


Just print, cut in half, and your students are ready to explore the magic of mazes in your fall literacy centers! Dot the letter shown at the top from start to finish to escape the maze!


Leaves are Falling

Circle Time Activity

Fall leaves are magical, especially in the majestic Colorado mountains! 


Leaf peeping is a thing – and for a reason. On our fall trip to Mesa Verde, I only said, “Wow!” about 500 times as we zigzagged through the mountain pass. So I guess that’s 500 reasons that leaf peeping is a thing. 


While I can’t invite all of you to Colorado to experience the magic of leaf peeping, I can offer you a leaf activity for the fall in your classroom!


The leaf letter and initial sound activity comes with leaves with letters and images of fall objects.


As you sing the “Leaves Are Falling” song, your little ones will pick a leaf from the pile and say the letter name or initial sound. Perfect leaf peeping for circle time!


Tip: Laminate the leaves so they can be used each time summer turns to fall!


Clothes Rhymes

Fall Literacy Activity

Not sure how many people will remember the struggle of drying off with a stiff, wind-dried towel now that we rely on our dryers so much. Let’s just call it built-in exfoliation.


Your little ones will hardly believe how things “used to be” before these technological advancements. But this next fall literacy activity will introduce them to the good, old-fashioned clothesline.


First, print and cut the fall outfits. Then, create a miniature clothesline with string and clothespins. 

Now you’re ready to invite your preschoolers to hang up fall outfits that have matching rhyming words. You’ve got your fall literacy centers and a blast from the past all in one here!


Migration Move

Counting Syllables Game

I love activities that double dip – teaching multiple things with one activity. This syllable game does just that!

To play, you’ll set out the migration game board. Your little ones will draw a card with an insect or animal that actually migrates


Once they say the animal, they will count the syllables in the name, moving the same number of spaces as there are syllables. 


Literacy skills are reinforced while playing, and your little ones are exposed to animals and insects that follow migration patterns.


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Now that you’ve read about all of these great fall literacy activities for preschoolers, it’s time to start planning your own. Incorporate some (or all!) of these activities into your curriculum and watch your students’ love of learning colorfully change. As they explore the changing leaves, colors, and cooler weather, their imaginations will be ignited, and they’ll be developing essential reading skills simultaneously. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and enjoy the season with your class!

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