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Garden Books for Preschoolers

Garden Books You’ll Love to Read to Preschoolers

As we dug into our week of gardening, I definitely wanted to incorporate books that showed the process of planting seeds and bulbs and discovering how plants grow. We also found a fun book choice that has become a fast favorite around here! There are so many excellent books about

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Garden Fine Motor Activities

Garden Sensory Activities: Grow Big or Go Home!

Let’s dig in and get our hands dirty with these garden sensory activities for preschool. It never ceases to amaze me how much little ones love sensory activities and freely exploring materials. Just provide them with some simple materials to engage the senses: the ping of dried pinto beans against

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Garden Math Activities for Preschoolers

Garden Math Activities for Growing Minds

Nature is full of mathematical wonders and patterns. Rose petals spiral into one another, symmetrical leaves unfold in the spring, and daisies blossom a certain number of petals. As we step into the theme of gardening, we can appreciate the mathematical beauty of nature as we explore foundational skills for

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