Rainbow Fine Motor Activities for Toddlers That Pass with Flying Colors

Rainbow theme activities that incorporate fine motor skills, too? Jackpot! You’ve found the pot of rainbow activities gold, and you’re in luck! Our rainbow fine motor activities will captivate your learners and spark their imagination. 

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Rainbow Lesson Plans

Rainbow lesson plans for preschool include rainbow book recommendations, rainbow literacy and math activities, rainbow art, and ice cream shop dramatic play.

Rainbow Rice Sensory Bin

Rainbow Fine Motor Activities

A sensory bin full of rainbow rice with test tubes and funnels for preschoolers to work on scooping and pouring as one of their rainbow fine motor activities.

Hear me out: the risk of the sensory bin being dumped over or accidentally spilled is worth it… Every. Single. Time. 


Why? Well, it is simply because there’s nothing quite like the joy of a toddler getting to explore through the sense of touch – especially when it includes rainbow rice. 


The brightly colored rice will captivate and hold your toddlers’ attention during your fine motor stations. 


Fill the bin (or bins) with rainbow rice, test tubes, and funnels. Invite your preschoolers to practice scooping and pouring within the bin for guaranteed fine motor practice and fun.


Fruit Loop Fine Motor Activities

Color Sort & Necklaces

Necklaces made out of Fruit Loops and Fruit Loops sorted by color on spaghetti towers.

I don’t know about you, but I can vividly remember doing activities in elementary school that involved food. I can also remember my teacher politely asking us not to eat any until the activity was over. 


I may have snuck a bite or two. But that is beside the point. The point is any activity with food brings a new level of excitement to learning. Even if a few Fruit Loops magically disappear in the process.


For this fine motor activity, your toddlers will create Fruit Loop necklaces. 


First, they can sort the colors onto spaghetti towers using playdough and spaghetti noodles. 

Then, they can create a pattern on the string and use only their favorite color or all of the colors of the rainbow.


Easy leprechaun Traps

St. Patrick's Day Activity

The perfect St. Patrick’s Day fine motor activity includes trapping a lucky leprechaun. 


However, many of the cardboard box options out there aren’t suitable for toddlers to cut using their novice fine motor skills. And let’s be real; you don’t want to spend your afternoon helping them cut cardboard. 


So how can we make this a leprechaun activity that preschoolers can actually do?


The answer is this easy leprechaun trap made with a plastic cup, straw, and this FREE pot of gold printout.


Their eyes will light up at being able to construct their own magical contraption, all while exercising important fine motor skills as they go. 


Punch two holes on opposite sides of a cup and slide a straw through. Then, tape the circular pot of gold onto the straw. Complete it by adding a popsicle stick ladder for extra flair.


Good luck in capturing that pesky leprechaun who stole the pot of gold!


Alphabet Rainbow

Color Sorting Activity

Sometimes, we don’t realize that we have everything we need to create engaging, purposeful activities right in front of us. 


Especially in the spring, when our to-do lists seem a mile long, being teacher tired becomes a permanent feeling, and it feels like you’ve already done every activity you can think of. 


I’m here to remind you that you’re doing a great job, and there is light at the end of the tunnel… or a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!


Set up this simple rainbow fine motor activity with plastic alphabet letters. Your preschoolers will use the mat (or a rainbow you draw on butcher block paper) to sort the alphabet letters by color.


Fizzy Cauldrons

Rainbow Fine Motor Activities

Small plastic cauldrons fizzing during a baking soda and vinegar experiment combined with color mixing for preschoolers to explore.

Excitement won’t be the only thing fizzing over the top of the cauldrons while you do this easy baking soda and vinegar experiment for your preschoolers. 


Create a bubbly atmosphere with plastic cauldrons, baking soda, and vinegar. 


Add color to and watch the rainbows fizz out of the cauldrons – an activity fit for a rainbow theme or St. Patrick’s Day celebration! 


Pro-tip: The more color, the better.


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I hope you feel like you’ve found the pot of gold with each of these rainbow fine motor activities. Add them to your rainbow theme or celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in true rainbow fashion with each hands-on learning opportunity.

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