5 Saint Patrick’s Day Preschool Activities To Capture Literacy Skills

St. Patrick’s Day is all about capturing that lucky leprechaun, but what about capturing your preschoolers’ attention? Somewhere over the rainbow… engaging literacy activities await you! Your learners will be thrilled to play the rainbow alphabet game, form letters in the rainbow rice writing tray, and so much more. Check out these Saint Patrick’s Day preschool activities for your class!

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Rainbow Lesson Plans

Rainbow lesson plans for preschool include rainbow book recommendations, rainbow literacy and math activities, rainbow art, and ice cream shop dramatic play.

Rainbow Alphabet Puzzles

Self-Correcting Letter Puzzles

There’s nothing more frustrating than working through a puzzle just to find out there’s a missing piece (or your husband hid it as a cruel prank). 


That’s why I love these two-piece self-correcting puzzles. 


It is easy to keep track of the brightly colored uppercase and lowercase letter pieces. 


Even better – they are all cut differently, so your little ones can make sure they match the uppercase and lowercase letters correctly. 


Print, cut, and laminate for a simple and effective station that you can use time and time again as one of your Saint Patrick’s Day preschool activities or anytime!


Rainbow Alphabet Game

Saint Patrick's Day Preschool Activities

When the game ends in tears, you know it’s a flop. 


So that’s how this competitive game became a cooperative game. It’s just better for everybody.


Speaking of better for everybody… set-up is easy, and the colorful alphabet game reinforces letter identification. It doesn’t get much better than that! 


Print the colorful game boards and alphabet mats, gather some dice and gold nuggets, and your letter identification station is complete and ready to go.


Your little ones will love rolling the die and trying to land on certain letters. No tears here! 


Note: This also comes as just a color identification game!


RAinbow Rice

Sensory Letter Formation

Remember how cool you felt when you clicked down your favorite color from your multi-color pen? How about when you slammed down that Lisa Frank folder on your desk? 


Practicing writing your letters in rainbow rice gives a similar vibe.


Plus, a rainbow theme wouldn’t be complete without rainbow rice. 


I love incorporating a writing tray into a theme because it doubles as a sensory activity and reinforces literacy skills. 


The printable letter formation cards show your preschoolers the proper way to form each letter, which is too cool for school.


Use rainbow rice, and this writing tray will feel like you’re one cool kid!


RAinbow Rhymes

Literacy Activity

Literacy activities that are purposeful, printable, and save you time because they are already prepared for you? Talk about being on cloud nine!


Our rainbow rhyming words are low prep, which is every teacher’s little slice of cloud nine. Each cloud has a different image to be matched with rhyming words.


Your preschoolers will practice matching the words with the same ending sound, then place them on the mat. 

When they’ve got it all sorted out? Flip over the card and make sure those rhymes really do match with the cards’ self-checking feature!


Rainbow Sound Slide

Initial Sound Activity

♪♪ “Care-a-Lot is a playground you can find.” ♪♪


It was my childhood fantasy to slide down the Care-a-Lot rainbow slide with the Care Bears singing that theme song. Actually, I’d still be down to do that today.


And while I’m not sure how many of our toddlers have seen the original Care Bear movie from 1985, I know it’s their heart’s desire to slide down the rainbow slide… or at least pretend!


And that’s exactly what they’ll get to do with this rainbow initial sound activity!


Place the initial sound cards in front of the rainbow printout, and then send the pompom down the side with the picture that begins with the letter on the card. 


Your kids will be having fun alongside Funshine Bear with this rainbow literacy activity!


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These Saint Patrick’s Day preschool activities are sure to make your little leprechauns eager to learn and excited to explore literacy through the rainbow of activities. Not only will they have a blast, but they’ll also be working on important foundational literacy skills. Now that’s what I call a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

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