5 Rainbow Books for Toddlers to Shine Upon Your Day

Are you looking for a way to brighten your day with some fun and engaging rainbow books for your preschoolers? Then get ready to be in awe of the joy and wonder these rainbow-filled reads bring! From stories about rainbows, mixing paint colors, and even Saint Patrick’s Day books – you name it – these ten picks are sure to make you smile and have toddlers gleaming with enthusiasm.

Rainbow books for toddlers include Pete the Cat and the Great Leprechaun Chase by James Dean, How the Crayons Saved the Rainbow by Monica Sweeney, Mouse Paint by Ellen Walsh, and The Night Before Saint Patrick’s Day by Natasha Wing.

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Rainbow Lesson Plans

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How the crayons saved the rainbow

by Monica Sweeney

What will happen to the world when its colors suddenly disappear? Will two best friends – the sun and the clouds – be able to mend their friendship and bring back the beauty of rainbows that once filled our skies? In How The Crayons Saved The Rainbow, we discover how one box of crayons works together to restore a lifelong bond between friends in this gray situation.


Mouse Paint by Ellen Walsh

Rainbow Books for Preschoolers

When the white mice went on an adventure in Mouse Paint by Ellen Walsh, they quickly realized that camouflage was their only hope from a furry predator! So what did these crafty critters do? They jumped into pots of paint to turn red, blue, and yellow. 


But after making quite the mess around them with some vibrant puddles full of complimentary colors – oh no – it dawned upon them that being plain ol’ white again was best for staying safe against those pesky cats.


Pete the cat and the Great Leprechaun Chase

by James Dean

Pete the Cat’s big heart and creative mind took him on a wild chase in Pete the Cat and the Great Leprechaun Chase by James Dean. Pete sets up a stand to catch some luck for his pals, coming up with plenty of tricks in an attempt to capture a mischievous leprechaun. 

But little did they know that their luck was already made by having each other! See how Pete teaches them that real friendship is way better than any pot of gold could give them.


The Night before St. Patrick's Day

by Natasha Wing

In The Night Before Saint Patrick’s Day by Natasha Wing, a brother and sister were eager to catch a leprechaun! They laid traps around the house, dreaming of finding some magical gold. But when they followed footprints leading away from the mess in their living room, what did they find? A sneaky little leprechaun with an even sneakier plan – pointing them toward every X on their front lawn!


Mixed: A Colorful Story

Rainbow Books for Toddlers

Another great choice for your rainbow books for preschoolers is Mixed: A Colorful Story. It all started with three colors living in perfect harmony―Reds, Yellows, and Blues. But then, one day, a Red declared they were the best color of them all – setting off an epic debate! 


Could anything bring back peace amongst these hues? What about a love story between a Blue and a Yellow? 

You’ll love this story about color mixing, togetherness, acceptance…and celebrating our differences!


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There’s no doubt that books offer a wonderful way to learn and explore color. Whether you’re celebrating St Patrick’s Day or looking for resources to teach children about the basics of mixing colors, these rainbow books are sure to bring smiles and spark imagination. So find your next rainbow book and invite those sweet little minds to sparkle in the many joys that come from reading a good book.

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