5 Rainbow Math Activities for Preschoolers to Add Color to Your Centers

Are you tired of the same black-and-white math center activities for your preschoolers? Brighten up your centers this spring by adding a rainbow of colors! Whether you’re looking to add some more fun or focus on higher-level counting skills, these five rainbow math activities for preschoolers will have your students trying their best to tie them all together. With bright colors, playful patterns, and plenty of excitable energy, these learning materials will surely make everyone smile – even the grownups!

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Rainbow Lesson Plans

Rainbow lesson plans for preschool include rainbow book recommendations, rainbow literacy and math activities, rainbow art, and ice cream shop dramatic play.

Rainbow Spin & Graph

Graphing Activity

Spin to win? Instead, let’s spin to graph!


Our rainbow spin and graph activity is vibrant and fun. Your tots will spin the spinner to see which color bear or gem to place on the rainbow graph.


The differentiated rainbow graphs will keep track of each color spun. 


Which color will the spinner land on the most? Let’s find out!


If you’re ready to switch it up, use the printable color dice instead of the spinner.


Fruity Loop Patterns

Rainbow Math Activities for Preschoolers

Did you know that a box of sugary cereal in a household with six kids lasts approximately half a day?


Our usual cereals consisted of plain Cheerios, Rice Crispies, and Kix. But, when there was something sugary, it was like an exciting Black Friday sale in our house, with everyone pushing and throwing elbows to get a bowl of that sweet goodness. Fruity Pebbles, here I come!


And that same excitement (minus the pushing) can happen in your classroom when you bring out this food math activity: making patterns with Fruit Loops.


Just print and make (or continue) the patterns on top of the cards with your fruity loopy cereal.


The best part is a sweet snack when your patterns are complete! This is a definite add to your rainbow math activities for preschoolers!


Rainbow Chains

Counting Rainbow Activity

Do you ever wish you could just stumble across a pot of gold!? My husband watches Gold Rush incessantly, so I know he’s thinking about it!


Well, here’s the thing: I think you’ve already stumbled upon a pot of gold when it comes to these engaging rainbow math activities for your classroom! 


This activity is truly gold, too. It incorporates math skills and fine motor skills at the same time. 


This Rainbow Chains Fine Motor Counting Activity is easy to prep, reinforces numeracy, and fits right into any rainbow or St. Patrick’s Day theme.


Your little ones will select a rainbow, identify the rainbow’s number, count the correct number of chains, and finally link chains to the pot of gold.


Color Monsters

Color Counting Sensory Bin

Do you remember buying Bubblicious to see who could blow the biggest bubbles? Two pieces – no problem (minus the jaw pain from chewing). 


And these color monsters are down for the challenge, too. Feed them the pompom gumballs in two ways: without the cards as a simple color sort or with the cards to incorporate counting


These color monsters will love all that delicious gum (don’t worry about those jaw muscles). And your preschoolers will love feeding them as they practice color identification, number recognition, counting, and fine motor skills!


color spy

Rainbow Activities for Toddlers

If there’s a mystery to solve, you know I’ll be there. Something to find? I love a good mission.


And so will your preschoolers as they hunt around the room for colors!


They will love becoming color spies with the colored magnifying glasses to find everything in the room that matches the color. 


Pair these magnifying glasses with the included pictures (from the orange fox to the green frog), or use them with things you already have around the room.


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Counting rainbows should be more than just a phrase – it should become your ongoing classroom’s math mantra! With these five rainbow-themed activities, you can set your children up for success by teaching them important preschool math skills. From number recognition and identification of colors to patterns and graphing – these activities are sure to engage them in the learning process. What better way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day than by getting your hands on the discounted rainbow bundle?

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