5 All About Me Math Activities for Preschoolers to Enhance Connection

My positivity, craziness, sense of adventure, drive, and acceptance come from my family. I am one of six kids, and my entire family has influenced who I’ve become, just as it does for our preschoolers. And when they leave home to come to school for the first time, we want to make them feel as connected to familiar things as possible. Let’s get them talking about their family, their birthday, and their body to make them feel as much at home in the classroom as possible with these all about me math activities for preschoolers.

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Me & My Family Lesson Plans

Body Measure

Non-Standard Measurement

What exactly is the age when measuring your body turns from an amazing discovery to crying in the fitting room? Early 30s? 


So our preschoolers are definitely still in the amazing discovery phase for this body measurement activity, which means (*hopefully) no ugly crying in your classroom.


Start by having your students measure their arm, leg, foot, and height using bigger blocks (to keep the numbers on the lower side). This is a great time to work with a partner to set the blocks side-by-side while the other kiddo lies down on the floor.


Then, during math centers, your students can measure the body part cards using snap cubes. Just measure from line to colored line and record the length or height on the recording sheet. Lots of counting and a great way to introduce measurement as one of your all about me math activities for preschoolers!


build a Family

Family Counting Activity

Every family has one crazy relative. For example, my husband believes I have too many tiny things. 


He’s clearly out of his mind. Those tiny things are highly educational as any sane teacher knows. (Any mini eraser fans out there?)


And one of those collections of tiny things includes these amazing people counters, which were used to build families in this next family math activity.


Start with a simple color sort, following the colors on the doors. Then, take it to the next level by counting the number of people of a certain color (the color and number on the door). 

Finally, bring on the insanity of a family reunion by counting the people on the door and windows. It’s… about… to go… down!


Birthday Number Mats

All About Me Math Activities for Preschoolers

I tell my in-laws that I turn 23 every year. And only about a decade passed before they actually started questioning me. Darn. I guess the math wasn’t adding up anymore. 


But the math will add up on these birthday number mats. 


The balloons on the top are configured into a ten frame for kiddos to count either yellow pompoms or the included balloon printouts onto. Then, your students can trace the numeral in the middle to work on number formation, hold up the same number of fingers as the cupcake pals in the middle, and add candles onto the cake to include more counting.


You’ll notice the balloons and the candles are darker to guide your learners, but this also comes with mats that aren’t shaded in for your more confident counters. Perfect for you all about me math activities for preschoolers!


Whose House?

House Missing Numbers Activity

Ding dong ditch. That’s the neighborhood game right now.


And while the first time is cute and funny (especially when you hear giggling around the corner of the house), the third time I get up from my painfully slow electric recliner, Medusa comes out to stare those kids down.


But don’t worry. There aren’t any doorbells to ding dong ditch with this next house math activity.


These doors are numbered in order; however, there are some doors with missing numbers (probably from those hooligans running around the neighborhood). Your preschoolers will have to figure out who lives in that house by determining the missing number. 


Practice counting in order, looking at the numbers before and after the missing number, and then place or clip the person with the missing number (if using clothespins) onto the door.


House Blueprints

House STEM Activity

As a kid, did you ever design your dream house with Legos? Or how about just draw it on a piece of graph paper that your dad handed you? 


I know I’m not the only one who loves imagining a dream world. My girls use magnetic tiles to design homes for their stuffies all the time. 


And so why not incorporate this love of dream homes into our classrooms? 


These magnetic tiles can get our kiddos talking about colors and shapes, and seeing how shapes fit together to make the home of their dreams. Plus, when you ask your students to color a blueprint of their finished masterpiece, they are working on visual perception.


For blueprint beginners, start with 2-dimensional houses built on cookie sheets. For students who catch on to making blueprints, have them build 3-dimensional houses and color the design on their recording sheet.


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So there you have it. Five fun, all about me math activities for preschoolers to help your little one develop their skills. And the best part is that all of these activities can be purchased in the discounted All About Me and My Family bundle. With this bundle, you’ll have all of these math activities, plus literacy and dramatic play. Get your bundle today and start helping your students master their math skills!

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