5 All About Me Activities for Preschoolers to Confidently Build Literacy Skills

Fun fact: My parents named their children alphabetically from A-F, which means I, Bethany, am the second oldest. My dad obviously loves things in order, and so do we as preschool teachers. That’s why all of these all about me activities for preschoolers are in order and ready for you to go. Your preschoolers can develop literacy skills while learning all about themselves through engaging, hands-on activities. Keep reading to learn more!

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Me & My Family Lesson Plans

Fingerprint Alphabet

All About Me Activities for Preschoolers

There’s nothing more unique than your fingerprint. As a matter of fact, identical twins don’t even have the same fingerprints!


While celebrating each child’s uniqueness in your classroom, fingerprints are the perfect tool. In my opinion, stamping the alphabet takes hands-on learning to a whole new level!


See what I did there? Corny, I know. But your toddlers will love using the ink pads to stamp the alphabet with their little fingers. The images they create are so cute and match the initial sounds for each letter of the alphabet.


Simply print the alphabet pages, grab your ink pads, and get to stamping! If your learners are ready for the next step, you can use the pages that have the initial sound missing.


ABC Families

Initial Sound Identification

Bethany Bananas.


My aunt still calls me this silly nickname, and I’m well on my way to 40. I guess the alliteration of it just stuck, which is also why the alliteration of these ABC Families will stick with your preschool class. 


These families love collecting anything that starts with the letter of their name. See, they’ve all placed these objects on the table in front of them.


Have your students name all of the objects, noticing those catchy, repetitive beginning sounds. Then, clip on a lettered clothespin to show their family’s name. 


Star, snake, strawberry, sock. The S Family! 


Grab this All About Me activity for preschoolers for your class!


Cupcake ABC

Initial Sounds & CVC Words

Birthdays are a funny thing. When you are little, your only wish is for each day to be your birthday. When you are older… well… counting backward doesn’t always sound like such a bad idea. 


No matter your age, we can all agree that a cupcake celebration surrounded by family and friends makes each birthday a little bit sweeter. 


Practicing initial sounds and CVC words can be sweet, too! 


No flour, sugar, eggs, or cool-down time is necessary. Just print the cupcake alphabet cards, gather your magnetic letters and you have the perfect recipe for learning. 


Your little ones will match the magnetic letters to each cupcake. 


The icing on the cupcake would be turning this activity into a fine motor activity too! Simply create initial sound ‘flags’ to decorate your playdough cupcakes. Your preschoolers will add the magnetic letter as the finishing touch!


My Traits A-Z

Letter Formation Activity

Thoughts become your reality. What you think begins to define what you believe! 


Therefore, it’s never too early to start teaching our toddlers how special and unique they are! 


Using Character Traits Letter Formation Cards allows you to intentionally work on letter formation and build self-confidence at the same time. 


Early exposure to positive, uplifting vocabulary allows you to reinforce these characteristics all year long. 


Each character trait card has a missing letter just waiting to be traced. 


Tip: When you laminate these cards, your preschoolers can use dry-erase markers to practice their letter formation as they complete the words. Plus, they are ready to be used again next year!


Name Activity Board

All About Me Activities for Preschoolers

They say love is blind, but I just saw every student put their name on their paper. A teacher’s dream.


But before we can accomplish this delirious dream, we first have to teach our toddlers to recognize the letters in their names and then actually write them. 


There are so many adorable name crafts out there, but sometimes you just need quick daily name practice to squeeze into your already cramped schedule. Hence, the name activity board.


These editable name boards include a “Say It” section where students simply point and name the letters in their names. 


The next section is “Unscramble It,” in which they unscramble the letters in their names. Start with two pieces and as students get more confident in their name puzzles, cut apart more and more letters. Tip: Put Velcro on every letter of the names to start so you don’t have to go back and do that throughout the year.


Next up, we have “Build It” in which students use magnetic letters or play dough to build their names. 


Finally, we have a “Trace It” section, which can be traced with fingers or dry erase markers, and a “Write It” section where they can finally write their name (only when ready).


Now, you’re well on your way to the teacher’s dream of names on every paper with this All About Me activity for preschoolers!


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These fun and engaging all about me activities for preschoolers are a great way to help young students learn more about themselves and their classmates. Plus, they’re perfect for celebrating individuality and building community in the classroom. Be sure to plan some of these activities into your next lesson!

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