5 Spring Fine Motor Activities for Preschoolers to Grow Skills Through Play

Unlock your toddlers’ full potential this season by engaging them in a world of spring fine motor activities designed to stimulate their senses and ignite their imaginations. From captivating textures to immersive sensory bins, these spring-themed activities promise hours of fun while enhancing their fine motor skills.

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Spring Lesson Plans

Wild lesson plans for preschool teachers.

Peas & Carrot Sensory Bin

Spring Fine Motor Activities

A carrot sensory bin filled with green beads, carrot Easter eggs, carrot counters, and an egg carton with holes in it for preschoolers to pretend to pick carrots from.

Save your next egg carton and repurpose it in our delightful spring sensory bin.


Grab your spring spirit and hop your way towards sensory fun with a carrot sensory bin that will thrill your tiny tots!

Engage your preschoolers with a sensory bin filled with festive green beads, carrot Easter eggs, carrot counters, and an egg carton for picking carrots.


Fizzy flowers

Spring Science Sensory Bin

Flowers in a sensory bin filled with baking soda for toddlers to squirt colored vinegar onto for one of our vibrant spring fine motor activities.

Fresh flowers are starting to bloom all around us, but this spring season Fizzy Flowers are ready to take center stage in your sensory bin!

Forego the dirt, digging, and watering with blooming fizzy flowers that don’t lack any of the vibrant spring colors. 

Sprinkle baking soda into a sensory bin filled with flowers. Add food dye to six different cups of vinegar, and then let your toddlers squirt it onto the baking soda for a fizzy fine motor activity that will keep them entertained until it’s a nice brown, gloopy mess.


Robin Life Cycle

Spring Science Activities

If you know me, then you know that I believe learning through play is always the best way, and this spring science activity brings all of the learning and the fun!

Introduce the robin life cycle to your curious tots with a life cycle poster and engaging booklet. Let the booklet guide the way as they act out the life cycle of a robin with a nest, robin’s blue eggs, worms, and clothespin Mama birds.


Spring Baby Animals Inquiry

Baby Animal Matching Game

It has always made me giggle that toddlers and preschoolers have a fascination with babies. Don’t they know they were just babies themselves?!


Animal babies are no different – they’re adorably cute and irresistible! 


Introduce fun facts about adorable baby animals through a photograph inquiry that will capture your toddlers’ minds. 

Then, move on to an educational matching game where your toddlers will be tasked with matching each baby animal to its mother.


Hatching Chicks

Spring Fine Motor Activities

Hatching chicks and toddlers jumping for joy will be the scene in your preschool classroom this spring as you introduce these energetic wind-up chicks


Set the Hatching Chicks activity up using printable egg mats with letters or numbers for the wind-up chicks to hop until they stop! 


Once they land, your preschoolers will get practice saying the number or letter before they send the chick on its way again.


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Boost excitement along with spring fine motor activities this new season. Whichever activity you choose to start with, don’t let it be your last! Your toddlers will enjoy the hands-on adventures that await them through each fine motor experience this spring.

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