5 Spring Literacy Activities for Preschoolers to Bloom Great Minds

Oh, the sweet promise of warmth, growth, and time outdoors. Spring is the season that puts a little hop back into my step after the cold confinement of winter. As nature awakens (and my happiness), so should our literacy centers! Let’s jump into some engaging spring literacy activities for preschoolers that bring about the spirit of fun and rejuvenation!

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Spring Lesson Plans

Wild lesson plans for preschool teachers.

Kite Initial Sound Activity

Spring Literacy Activities for Preschoolers

Fact: A man flying a kite at a park can attract ten to twenty gleeful, chasing kids (mine included). And they will follow him around like a swarm of bees to honey, drawn irresistibly by the charm of a flying toy.


And that irresistible charm will also pull your preschoolers toward this next spring literacy center: Fly a Kite ABC.


Your preschoolers will look at the spring-themed pictures on each kite, identify the beginning sounds, and either slide a lettered bow or letter bead onto the pipe cleaner kite tail. 


Then, they’ll fly off into the sky with elevated phonemic awareness and confidence!


rainbow writing

Spring Alphabet Activity

Twirling and shaking a sensory bottle filled with rainbow rice and lettered beads instilled the thrill of this new season.


And also, might I add, sensory exploration without the mess? Uh, yes, please!


Spin the rainbow rice-filled sensory bottle to discover the alphabet one letter at a time.


Each time your toddlers find a letter, they will trace it in the matching color on their rainbow writing recording sheet before hunting for the next letter. 


This low-prep, high-interest spring literacy center will get your kiddos working on those letter formation skills. Plus, it’s FREE!


Puddle Jumping Alphabet Game

Spring Alphabet Game

There was a big dip right in front of our sidewalk growing up – perfect for collecting rainwater and stomping in puddles. 


It made for perfect, carefree memories that I look back on fondly. 


Let’s strengthen our toddler’s memory of the alphabet with a puddle jumping activity that is all of the fun, minus the water!


Lay the cards around the room, sing the song, and when the song ends, jump in the nearest puddle! Trace or dot the letter on your recording sheet before singing and dancing with more alphabet fun!


Spring Opposites

Literacy Activity

Around my house, spring is a welcomed contrast to the cold, bitter winter. In fact, our energy seems to follow the brighter, warmer spring days!


It’s quite the opposite of those long, dreary winter days when we are all cooped up inside. 


Are you catching my opposites drift? Spring is the perfect time to review opposite words and introduce fresh and exciting spring vocabulary. 

Read through the booklet of spring opposite words or play a guess-and-match game as your preschoolers discover the wonder of opposite words.


RAbbit Syllables

Spring Literacy Activities for Preschoolers

Any time we get to pretend to feed animals, it is instantly engaging. Also, little ones and containers. Need I say more? 


This spring, the adorable rabbits are begging to be fed. They’re picky, though; they won’t just eat any carrots. 


That’s right! The adorable rabbits will only eat carrots with the correct number of syllables


It’s the perfect job for your toddlers: grab a carrot, count the syllables, then feed it to the hungry rabbits!


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