5 Spring Art for Toddlers to Help Blossom Creativity

You can feel the invigorating energy of spring. On the first 50-degree day in Colorado, the cyclists, the runners, the hikers, the birds, and the kids come out to play. Spring is a hive of buzzing energy and the perfect time to transform some of that energy into beautiful spring crafts. Bring that energetic creativity to life with spring art for toddlers you’ll want to display all season long!

Spring art for toddlers include a bird craft painted with feathers, spring directed drawings, a butterfly fold painting, and modge podge flowers.

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Spring Lesson Plans

Wild lesson plans for preschool teachers.

Butterfly Fold Painting

Spring Art for Toddlers

Butterfly paintings are created by squeezing paint onto paper and folding it in half to create symmetrical butterflies as one of our spring art for toddlers activities.

Delicate butterflies fluttering, floating, folding in a dream-like fantasy – that’s how our trip to the Butterfly Pavilion felt. 


And while our butterfly art projects cannot capture even a fraction of their intricate beauty, we certainly tried to mimic their satisfying symmetry.


Let your preschoolers squirt dots (yes, dot, dot, not a lot) of paint onto a folded piece of paper. We stuck to the primary colors to avoid the mucky browns that come from mixing secondary colors. 


Then, fold the paper up like a sunbathing butterfly and open it to reveal the bright, symmetrical pattern on its wings. 

Cut the folded paper like a capital B (for butterfly), then add a black body and antenna for a beautiful butterfly craft.


Paper plate flower craft

Decoupage Flowers

I can’t explain it. Modge Podge is just so satisfying. And it is never too early to introduce your toddlers to the possibilities of Modge Podge right in your classroom!


Our paper plate flower craft uses decoupaged tissue paper to create vibrant blooms that don’t need daily watering or a certain amount of sun.


Paint a little Modge Podge (like glue) onto a paper plate, lay a piece of tissue paper on top, and use your paintbrush to smooth down the tissue paper. It’s as simple as that. Add visual interest with different layers and colors. 


Once dry, cut the paper plates into flower shapes and add a black circle to the center.


Flowers that don’t need TLC once they are in bloom? Yes, please!


Bird Craft

Painting with Feathers Process Art

Paper plate bird craft created by painting with feathers and glueing craft feathers onto the folded paper plate.

I’ve always found it fascinating that birds migrate and live in various places throughout the year. I’m a planner – so it leaves me with so many questions! Do they know exactly where they are headed? How many pit stops do they plan to make?


I don’t think I would make a very good migrating bird travel partner, but I do have tips on how to make an adorable paper plate bird craft!


Bring all of the fun and some of the mess as you invite your toddlers to paint the birds with feathers. 


Then, glue craft feathers onto the paper plate, add a head, beak, and eyes, and you have an adorable bird ready to perch in your classroom and watch the fabulous learning happening below!


Spring Directed Drawings

Learn How to Draw for Kids

It’s spring and time for your artists’ drawings to bloom!


These easy directed drawings for kids will bring new life to your tiny Piccasos’ art masterpieces. 


Each drawing has 6 step-by-step instructions that lead your preschoolers to draw a kite, an umbrella, and an adorable bird. 


Where will your toddlers’ imaginations lead them as they use the drawings in their own artwork? Only time will tell!


Rain Drip Painting

Spring Art for Toddlers

Rain drop paintings with dripped paint over a cupcake liner umbrella as spring art for toddlers.

Not only do I have the eye of a teacher, but I also have the eye of a mom. That combination leads to creative uses for all sorts of household items.


Most of the time, my husband isn’t surprised anymore when I ask him to save things he would deem as “trash.”


This raindrop painting craft uses cupcake liners to create adorable umbrellas to shield from the dripping rain paint.


Tape off an arch on the watercolor paper and set the paper up on an easel or board. Then, let your preschoolers use pipettes to drop blue and purple watercolor paints onto the top of the paper and let it rain to create these beautiful rain paintings.


Finally, fold cupcake liners into fourths and glue them side to side to create an umbrella, complete with a handle drawn on with black marker.


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Which spring art activity are you planning to implement first?! There’s truly no wrong answer here – each of these spring crafts will be a win in your toddlers’ eyes! Have fun creating some spring art for toddlers and watching your artists bloom this spring season.

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