5 Spring Math Activities for Preschoolers’ Learning to Blossom

Spring is in the air, and engagement and fun aren’t far behind it! Refresh your spring math activities for preschoolers with hands-on, purposeful activities that welcome the season. Prepare to watch your mathematicians bloom as they practice their foundational math skills while having fun!

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Spring Lesson Plans

Wild lesson plans for preschool teachers.

Worm graphing

Spring Math Activities for Preschoolers

Have you thanked a worm today? 


Seriously, they eat dirt, so you don’t have to. 


And you’ll also be thanking yourself when your preschoolers’ engagement is off the charts with pipe cleaner worms and a magnetic wand. 


Wrap pipe cleaners (cut in half) around a pencil to create your wiggly worms. Then, swipe a magnetic wand through the soil (or dried beans) to collect some worms. Finally, sort your worms onto the worm graph to count and compare numbers!


This wiggly worm graphing activity introduces early graphing skills with a fun spring twist.


Tulip Measurement

Spring Math Center

I absolutely love the sight of vibrant flowers blooming in gardens during spring. My personal favorite – tulips. 


And that is totally fitting for our next spring math activity.


These tulips are already in bloom, and no late Colorado snowstorm will destroy these beauties. Simply print the tulip measurement pages and you have a purposeful, hands-on math center right at your fingertips!


Invite your preschoolers to measure each tulip with snap cubes. Then, they’ll find the matching card to show the heights of each tulip. 


A fresh, hands-on activity to reinforce measurement skills and show that love of tulips in the spring.


Feed the birds

Spring Counting Sensory Bin

Toddlers may be picky eaters (ahem, my youngest, who literally threw up while eating broccoli). But one thing is certain – they will gladly feed others, including the dog under the table and these spring birds!


The adorable bird printouts invite your preschoolers to feed them “bird seed” scoop by scoop! 


The printable cards tell your tots just how much to feed each colored bird before it is full. 


A fun, hands-on counting activity that’s perfect for refreshing your spring sensory bin!


Rain Gauge Math

Count & Compare Activity

Unpopular opinion: I am not a fan of rain. Or snow. Or wind. Can it just be 75 and sunny all the time, please?!?


And even though spring may bring a stretch of rainy days, you (and maybe even I) can avoid the rainy day blues with this Rain Gauge Count and Compare activity. 


The printable rain gauges are vibrant and fun, inviting your little mathematicians to join in on the learning! Use the printable rain gauges with gems, or pair test tubes with pompoms or even real water.


Counting skills will be practiced and fun will be had as each rain gauge fills with rain.


Garden ten frame Activity

Spring Math Activities for Preschoolers

Planting a garden is a bit like purchasing a lottery ticket. You never know what your ‘harvest’ may be. (This is why I gave up on gardening – I lost the lotto big time.)

Luckily, I know you will reap a harvest with this Up in the Garden Counting activity.


Your toddlers’ numeracy skills will continue to build as they count the fruit and vegetables in each garden scene

After they’ve counted, they will represent their total in ten frames with counters or transparent chips, reaping the harvest of intentional numeracy practice!


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