5 Construction Books for Preschool That Inspire Building

It’s no secret that many of our littlest learners just love playing with those big plastic blocks! But for curious kids who want more than simple stacking and construction play, why not take it up a level?! With the right book in hand to spur their imaginations, the possibilities are limitless! Whether they want to build houses or roads, there’s something here for every preschool builder. Check out these 10 construction books for preschool, guaranteed to inspire creativity and excite your little learners as they explore the wonderful world of building!

Construction books for preschoolers include Roadwork by Sally Sutton, Little Excavator by Anna Dewdney, Building a House by Byron Barton, and Whose Tools? by Tony Buzzeo.

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Construction Lesson Plans

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Building a House

by Byron Barton

Building a House by Byron Barton is a simple yet informative introduction to building a house, from the foundation to the walls to the roof. 


I love how the text is kept uncomplicated for our little learners, while the illustrations add an immense amount of information for us to learn about building a house. Perfect for our construction dramatic play!


Little Excavator by Anna Dewdney

Construction Books for Preschool

For our next construction book for preschoolers, we read Little Excavator by Anna Dewdney. 

The big rigs and the little excavator are ready to transform a vacant lot into a park, and all the little excavator wants to do is help; however, every job seems too big for the little excavator. That is, until they find the perfect job for him.


Whose Tools?

by Tony Buzzeo

This next construction book was a sure hit! Whose Tools? by Toni Buzzeo introduces the many people who work in the construction industry by having the reader predict who uses the pictured tools. Such a great way to build an inquiring mind!


Roadwork by Sally Sutton

Construction Books for Preschool

Roadwork by Sally Sutton was the perfect introduction to building roads, from digging the path to flattening the gravel to pouring the asphalt and painting the lines. 

The onomatopoeia in this book, coupled with the bright, vivid pictures, adds just the right amount of “Bump! Whump! Whop!” This book is also the right road to drive into our dramatic play this week!


The digger and the Flower

by Joseph Kuefler

If you read any of these construction books for preschoolers, let it be this one! The Digger and the Flower by Joseph Kuefler not only includes construction vehicles in action, but it also incorporates a very important message.


Every day, the construction vehicles are busy at work building roads, bridges, and buildings in the city. Then, the excavator finds a flower in the rubble. He waters it, shields it from wind, and even sings it a lullaby every night. 

When the time comes to build a building right on top of the flower, he is too late to stop the dozer from tearing the flower down. But he notices something in the rubble that will help the flower live on forever.


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With the right construction books for preschoolers, students can get a better understanding and appreciation of this important field of work – from building houses to constructing roads and using the right tools and machines. Get excited about teaching students about construction – it’s a great way to get them thinking about their future prospects!

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