5 Building Preschool Activities to Drill in Fine Motor Skills

Let’s raise the roof for some riveting building preschool activities that will engage and excite our little learners! There is something that naturally draws us all to building – maybe it is the creation of something new, the expression of an idea, or maybe it’s the fact that we get to smash objects with hammers! For our preschoolers, construction is such an interesting topic, especially when we add real tools to drill in some learning. Here’s a look at our week full of construction activities:

Introduce kids to the world of construction in a fun and engaging way! From building with Legos to close-the-circuit linking chain activities, these fine motor activities will get kids excited about creating, engineering, and problem-solving.

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Construction Lesson Plans

Construction lesson plans for preschool classrooms that include construction books to read aloud, construction literacy activities, math centers, construction dramatic play, art projects, and fine motor work.

construction play dough invitation

Construction Fine Motor Activities

Squeeze the dough. Hammer the nails. Roll the bolt. Press in the rocks. Dig with the excavator. Load the dump truck. Press the hex nut. 

So many actions and items to explore with this construction play dough invitation. Seriously, it kept the kids busy for an hour!


Construction Sensory bin

Building Preschool Activities

A construction sensory bin filled with popcorn kernels, construction vehicle toys, buckets, rocks, and mini construction cones as one of our building preschool activities.

It’s no secret that I think toddlers and sensory bins make the perfect combo. 


I love thinking of new, creative ways to awaken preschoolers’ senses!


Scooping, digging, building, and tearing down to rebuild are common activities in sensory bins… but especially in our construction sensory bin!


Combine popcorn kernels, construction vehicle toys, buckets, rocks, shovels, and mini cones to create the construction site of your toddlers’ dreams!


Build more into your construction sensory bin by adding PVC pipes for the kiddos to pour the popcorn kernels down. Use funnels and low pipes to contain the mess!


Close the Circuit

Construction Fine Motor Activities

As we watched our home being built, I was happy to make selections such as light fixtures, cabinet hardware, and paint colors. 


I made my choices and then watched them come to life in our dream home. What I didn’t have to worry about was all of the electrical work behind the scenes… thank goodness!


Each trade plays a huge part in the process of a home build. Introduce your toddlers to the world of electricity and allow them to practice completing circuits!


This Complete the Circuit activity includes three different activities so that you can choose the one best fit for your learners. Plus, it’s FREE!


Building with legos

Building Preschool Activities

When Dad pulled the Lego box out (the one from his childhood), we knew it was about to go down. And by that, I mean dig through the thousands of tiny colorful bricks to find the coveted items: your favorite person, the doors, the windows, and the baseplate with the pool.


The funny thing is that my kids fight over those Legos too, so we had to set a rule for one kid playing with them at a time. 


However you decide to handle it in your classroom, Legos are a classic building toy perfect for pulling out during your construction theme. 

Your preschoolers will use their fine motor skills, their visual perception skills, and, most importantly, ignite their imaginations through play.


Three Little Pigs

STEM Challenge

I’ll huff, and I’ll puff, and I’ll… Well, I won’t blow your house down! 


However, the Big Bad Wolf (aka a blow dryer) might blow your toddlers’ houses down.


Instead of handing your preschoolers bricks, sticks, and straw, you can give them blocks, popsicle sticks, and toothpicks to see if they can build a house that will withstand the Big Bad Wolf.


Will they rise to the challenge and build sturdy homes, or will each house have the same fate as the Three Little Pigs?!


Grab the printables and set your preschoolers up to see if the Big Bad Wolf will have their homes crashing down or standing tall!


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Without a doubt, fine motor skills will be built as your preschoolers work through each of these building preschool activities. The only question left is, what are you waiting for!? Put on your hard hat, grab your toolbelt, and jump right in alongside your eager learners.

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