5 Riveting Construction Activities that Build Literacy Skills

It’s time to roll up our sleeves, don the hard hats, and get to work! Okay, maybe we won’t all be getting as hands-on with these construction activities as you might imagine – but that doesn’t mean these construction centers won’t have us building something, nonetheless. See how you can incorporate construction activities into your classroom in order to build literacy skills. And believe me when I say: it’s a riveting application of knowledge that’ll leave them feeling engaged, accomplished…and ready for more!

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Construction Lesson Plans

Construction lesson plans for preschool classrooms that include construction books to read aloud, construction literacy activities, math centers, construction dramatic play, art projects, and fine motor work.

Construction Alphabet

Geoboard Alphabet Activity

WARNING: This first construction literacy activity stretches both your toddlers’ fine motor skills and imaginations. 


Oh, wait, all good things. All good things.


As your preschoolers stretch and snap each rubber band into place, they’ll also be recognizing the shape of letters and using visual perception skills to copy the pattern on the construction rubber band cards. Oh, snap!


And for those who are ready, incorporate letter formation practice by tracing the letters on the construction signs. 


Take your alphabet practice from flat to 3-dimensional with these construction alphabet cards!


Hammer the Alphabet

Fine Motor Poke Cards

“Stop! Hammer time! But instead of “U Can’t Touch This,” we want kids to be completely hands-on with this Hammer the Alphabet activity!


That’s right. This activity includes using a wooden hammer and golf tees to bring hands-on back to your literacy centers. 


Simply print the alphabet poke cards, gather golf tees, and let your preschoolers’ fine motor skills do the rest of the heavy lifting as they practice letter identification!


Hammer the Alphabet

Construction Activities for Literacy

The thrill of Whac-a-Mole combined with identifying beginning sounds = your literacy centers amped to arcade levels.


After your students go through this construction activity one time, getting in the swing (pun intended) of identifying each beginning sound, then you can take it to the next level. See how quickly you and your students can race through these cards, hammering as fast as that Whac-a-Mole game, all without the outrageous arcade prices.


ABC Pipes

Plumber Alphabet Game

Do your preschoolers like puzzles and mazes? Do you like when your preschoolers use their visual perception skills? 


Those are rhetorical questions. I already know that everyone LOVES a unique way to practice identifying the letters of the alphabet


In this plumber alphabet game, students flip over a pipe piece card and connect the pipes from start to finish, all while identifying the letters on the game board. 


Want a challenge? See if you can twist and turn the pipes to fix the burst pipes on the game board!


Toolbox Syllables

Construction Activities for Literacy

As teachers, I know we have many tools in our toolboxes. I would venture to say our toolboxes are overflowing with ideas, strategies, and techniques for serving our students and filling their very own toolboxes with knowledge!


For this construction activity, we are working on sharpening the syllable counting tool in your students’ toolboxes. In fact, this activity uses toolboxes to hold the printable word cards. Your little ones will select a card, determine the number of syllables in the word pictured, and then sort into the appropriate toolbox!


This activity also includes a one-page printout with tools for students to count and snap cubes to display the number of syllables for each word, too!


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And there you have it… your very own blueprint for implementing engaging, purposeful literacy stations during your construction theme. What are you waiting for? These construction activities are waiting for your crew to show up and get to work!

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