5 Transportation Books for Preschoolers They’ll Excitedly Race to Read

Are you looking for a way to get the wheels in your toddlers’ heads turning? Look no further than the world of transportation books! These fun reads offer plenty of educational entertainment and give kids a chance to explore things that go like planes, trains, and automobiles – oh my! So grab your steering wheel and buckle up – it’s time for an adventure in reading with these transportation books for preschoolers.

Transportation books for kids include Little Blue Truck Leads the Way by Alice Schertle, Scuffy the Tugboat by Gertrude Crampton, Pete the Cat: Go, Pete, Go! by James Dean, and The Little Engine That Could by Watty Piper.

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Transportation Lesson Plans

Weekly transportation lesson plans for the preschool classroom that include transportation books, literacy centers, math centers, airport dramatic play, art, and fine motor activities.

Little Blue Truck Leads the Way

By Alice Schertle

A little country truck heads to the city with our first transportation book: Little Blue Truck Leads the Way by Alice Schertle. All of the vehicles in the crowded city are busy, pushing to be first and rudely telling the little blue truck to get out of the way. But when the mayor’s limousine breaks down, Little Blue comes to the rescue, demonstrating kindness for all to see.

Not only does this story teach about different types of vehicles like buses, police cars, taxis, vans, a street sweeper, and even the mayor’s limousine, but this story teaches our little tots how to be kind and take turns.


The Airport book by lisa brown

Transportation Books for Preschoolers

Next up, we read The Airport Book by Lisa Brown, which follows a family through the complex airport system, from checking in to security, to waiting at the gate, and finally picking up bags at baggage claim. 


This informative book showed how everything works at the airport. Perfect for learning about the different jobs at the airport for our airport dramatic play!


scuffy the tugboat

By Gertrude Crampton

Our next transportation book for preschoolers is Scuffy the Tugboat by Gertrude Crampton. Scuffy knows he is meant for big things – adventures bigger than the shelf at the toy store and bigger than the bath tub. So he sets off downstream to discover the big wide world. He sees so many different things, but discovers that the world is too big and scary for Scuffy. 


What will happen to the little tugboat now that he is so far away from the toy shop?


Pete the Cat: Go, pete, Go!

By James Dean

Pete the Cat: Go, Pete, Go! gives a new twist to the classic tale of “The Tortoise and the Hare.” In the book, turtle has a new racecar and wants to race, and only Pete (on his bicycle) is up for it. Pete tries his best to have fun along the way, steadily cruising along. Turtle confidently stops at a diner for lunch and ends up taking a nap, giving Pete the opportunity to win the race!


The message that competing isn’t always as fun as just spending time together is a lesson that everyone, even my husband, could learn.


The little Engine that could

By Watty Piper

The Little Engine That Could is an inspiring story of determination and perseverance! The small locomotive faces many challenges — from steep hills to doubts from fellow engines — but continues to press on with its mantra, “I think I can.” In the end, our hero succeeds in helping others reach their destination and serves as an important reminder: no matter the obstacles we face, with a little hard work and a positive attitude, anything is possible!


A perfect message to send as we read aloud these transportation books for preschoolers!


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These transportation books for preschoolers are a great way to engage your toddlers in learning all about the different types of vehicles that go. These fun stories are also a great way to introduce new vocabulary words related to transportation. Whatever books you choose, be sure to have fun reading aloud and exploring all things that go!

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