5 Transport Activities for Preschool That Drive Fun into Literacy Centers

Things that go are always popular with toddlers. It could be because they are always on the go! Combine literacy with transportation, and your little ones will be off to the races. These transport activities for preschool will keep your little ones moving while reinforcing early literacy skills.

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Transportation Lesson Plans

Weekly transportation lesson plans for the preschool classroom that include transportation books, literacy centers, math centers, airport dramatic play, art, and fine motor activities.

syllables Car Race

Transport Activities for Preschool

Ready, set, go! 


Race to the finish while counting syllables with this fun, easy-to-play literacy game. 


This activity is easy to set up and will have your tots begging for more. We love this activity because it uses transportation-themed words.


Just draw a card, say the word, and count the syllables. Then move the cars along the road! Laminate, so it’s easy to pull out when your little ones ask to play this game over and over again.


Airplane Tickets

Letter Matching Activity

There are two types of people: those who arrive at the airport hours early and those who test their luck every. single. time. 


I am proud to say I fall in the get-to-the-airport-so-early-you-slightly-lose-your-mind category. And I’ve never missed a flight – just one close call!


This airplane ticket match activity is about as realistic as it comes! 


Match the lettered boarding passes to the matching gates, just as you do once you get through security. 


Will your preschoolers match the letters correctly to make it to the correct gate in time?


Also comes with our Airport Dramatic Play set!


Sailing Rhymes

Transport Activities for Preschool

How do boats say hello to one another?


They wave!


And you can wave hello to your preschoolers learning to identify rhyming words with this literacy activity!


All jokes aside, this activity is easy to prep and easy to do. Just print the sailboats that have pictures of three objects on them. 

Mark the rhyming pair on each boat with toy boats, blue gems, or another counter to sail away with rhymes!


Cloud Letter Search

Transportation Literacy Activity

No, your head isn’t in the clouds! You can have toddlers that are on task while learning. 


Especially when you combine literacy with a sensory experience!


And this time, we’ve found a clear winner for the cloud sensory bag: a lamination pouch filled with… conditioner! We’ve tried plastic zippered bags with shaving cream in the past, but the poor clouds (and my happiness) evaporate after only a day. 


So here’s how to make your cloud sensory bag: 

Use a flat iron or iron to seal almost the entire lamination pouch. 

Then, squeeze in the conditioner without letting it touch the unsealed portion of the pouch. Note: If it does touch, clean it completely with a dry cloth.

Carefully squeeze out the air before ironing the bag shut.


Place the cloud sensory bag on top of the pictures of airplanes and helicopters, and let your preschoolers search through the clouds for the letters. 


Once they find one, they’ll trace the letter on the matching recording sheet.


Alphabet Train

Initial Sound Letter Activity

All aboard our Turner Tots learning train! I know all too well that every moment in a preschool classroom is precious. Each activity has to be planned intentionally and used purposefully. 


Our alphabet train is no exception. You can never plan for too much practice with the alphabet. 


Print the alphabet trains with either initial sound pictures or letters (or both!) to match magnetic letters. Then, chug through your transport activities for preschool!


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Just like that, we’ve arrived at the end of our transportation literacy activities.  Time will surely fly with these activities keeping your toddlers engaged and learning. Grab the transport activities for preschool in our Transportation bundle to save!

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