5 Creative Dinosaur Art for Toddlers Roaring with Fun

Dinosaurs are captivating creatures. They pique our curiosity with all the knowns and unknowns – an adventure to a period we can only imagine! As you dive into your dinosaur theme, make sure creating captivating dinosaur art for toddlers is on your to-do list. A dinosaur theme is the perfect opportunity for imaginations to come to life as your toddlers create!

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Dinosaur Lesson Plans

Dinosaur footprint process art

Dinosaur Art for Toddlers

Dinosaur footprints are painted with stamped dinosaur footprints and fossils - perfect dinosaur art for toddlers.

It’s hard to imagine dinosaur footprints stamped across our front lawns and modern-day towns. I can’t imagine a dinosaur crossing my path!


What’s the saying? Lions, tigers, bears, oh my! More like – dinosaurs coming, RUN! 


Dinosaur footprints are very impressive, though. They come in unique sizes and shapes and help us identify the unique variety of dinosaurs.


And as far as uniqueness goes, this dinosaur process art activity is perfect for creating unique dinosaur footprints with your toddlers!


Cut different-shaped footprints from paper for your toddlers to stamp with plastic dinosaurs and cookie-cutter stamps. Wait for the paint to dry, then you have your very own dinosaur tracks right in your classroom!


Fizzy Dinosaur Painting

Dinosaur Process Art

The vinegar and baking soda combo never gets old! 


The reaction is always fascinating, and preschoolers are thrilled to watch the bubbly fun occur right before their eyes.


I love creating new ways to use baking soda and vinegar to fit different themes. When I thought of dinosaurs, volcanic eruptions popped into my head, so why not paint dinosaurs with fizzy volcanic eruptions?


First, draw the dinosaur skeleton onto the outline with a white crayon. This gives the final result a pop of dinosaur fun. Then, cover your dinosaur outlines in a tray with a thin layer of baking soda, and use droppers of dyed vinegar to initiate the colorful eruptions.

The fizzing dinosaurs will be a hit! Once dry and brushed clean (because they will be a brown, goopy mess after all the fizzing), they will reveal a piece of marbled dinosaur art.


Dinosaur Fossil Art

Dinosaur Art for Toddlers

Dinosaur fossil sand art made on pieces of cardboard with sand and cotton swabs is one of our dinosaur art activities for preschoolers.

Strolling the beach to collect sea shells brings a sense of calm and wonder. I like to ponder the creatures that may have used them and where they may have come from. 


I would be thrilled to come across a dinosaur fossil one day! 


You may not be able to take your tots strolling running across a beach to look for seashells or on a hike to look for fossils… but you can create your own dinosaur sand art fossils. 


To create fossils that give insight into a different time, you need only pieces of cardboard, colored sand or salt, cotton swabs, and glue. Then, let the fossil creation begin!


Dinosaur Directed Drawings

Step-by-Step Drawings for Kids

Here’s the thing. I’m type A – motivated, detail-oriented, and sometimes a perfectionist (sorry, not sorry).


So, if I am given a set of step-by-step directions to follow, you can bet that I am all in!


Your preschoolers will be the same with fun dinosaur directed drawings for kids. 


Each of the six simple steps is easy to follow, and help your little ones draw a baby dinosaur, a volcano, and a triceratops!


Paper Plate Dinosaur Craft

Dinosaur Art for Toddlers

What do you find yourself reaching for more: your dishes or paper plates for easy cleanup?


We only use dishes in our house (single-use products leave me feeling icky), so paper plates are reserved for crafts. This means a pack of paper plates lasts, oh, about a decade, so I’m always trying to think of new paper plate creations.


Enter paper plate dinosaurs. They’re simple, adorable, unique, and an invitation for your toddlers to create their dinosaur creation. 


Color the dinosaur paper plate craft with vibrant, mess-free tempera paint sticks. Cut the paper plate in half. Then, use the other half for spikes, a head, and a tail. 


To make each dino unique, add some googly eyes and popsicle stick legs before hanging them for display or sending them home with your little Picassos!


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