5 Exciting Dinosaur Math Activities for Preschoolers to Stomp into Learning

How can it be that a 7-year-old boy’s favorite movie is Jurassic Park, while that movie still scares me as an adult? But don’t worry; there’s nothing scary about these dinosaur math activities. Embark on a Jurassic journey where counting, sorting, and measurement are just plain cute and fun. Check out these dinosaur math activities, which are sure to make your little paleontologists roar with excitement as they dig into mathematical concepts.

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Dinosaur Lesson Plans

Dinosaur Egg Counting

Dinosaur Sensory Bin

Enter the world of Jurassic fun with this fun and vibrant dinosaur counting center. 


For Dino Egg Drop, colorful pompoms set the stage for playful learning among the prehistoric creatures. 


Simply fill your sensory bin with the pompoms, then attach the printable dinosaurs to toilet paper tubes. When your tot draws an egg, they will count the corresponding pompoms before sending them down the tubes.


The best part? We don’t have to worry about the eggs cracking as they make their way down the dino tubes!


Dinosaur Skeletons

Build, Sort, & Count

I have fond childhood memories of building Legos with my dad. As we sat on the floor building our dream homes, we also built lasting memories together. 


Being a memorable parent or teacher doesn’t mean a grand event planned every day; it simply means slowing down to connect with our students. 


So, with this next dinosaur counting activity, get down on the floor and build some dinosaur skeletons together. 


Use pony beads as small bones, plastic bones as medium bones, and rocks as large skull bones to construct lasting memories with your preschoolers.


Or, if you want to make a dinosaur-sized impression, build giant skeletons out of cardboard tubes on the floor.


Dino Tracks Measurement

Dinosaur Math Activities for Preschoolers

We’re used to the idea of dinosaurs now, but imagine what the first guy who discovered a giant footprint was thinking: What on Earth could’ve made this?


And to give your preschoolers a tangible idea of how big the dinosaurs really were, use a life-size footprint for this next dinosaur measurement activity. That’ll definitely bring out the wow factor.


As a class, measure the table, door, desk, and table using the massive dinosaur footprint and some cutouts of your preschoolers’ feet. Line up the footprints end to end to give a startling perspective.


Then, during math centers, your preschoolers can measure dinosaurs using a footprint ruler. Choose from clip cards or a simple recording sheet to make this dinosaur math activity a roaring success for your students.


Dino-mite Math

Dinosaur Counting & Addition Facts

Here’s the difference between girl moms and boy moms: I know all the lyrics to Taylor Swift songs, while my bestie knows all the names of the dinosaurs. 


For a brief moment during our visit with her and her family, I wished I were a boy mom so I could know all of the names of the dinosaurs, too. That is until a roaring, dinosaur-loud wake-up call startled me back to my peaceful girl-mom reality. 


But boys and girls alike will enjoy this next dinosaur math activity. 


Count the tally marks, dice dots, ten frames, or addition facts, and mark the answer along the dinosaur’s spine.


Fossil Ten Frame Activity

Dinosaur Math Activities for Preschoolers

I don’t love playing in the sand, but if it’s Kinetic Sand, count me in! 


Whether you choose Kinetic Sand or play dough, your toddlers will be absolutely thrilled to make their very own fossils. 


Your paleontologists in training will flip over a fossil ten-frame card and then determine the number represented.


Then, it’s off to the Fossil Ten Frame Mat to stamp the corresponding number into the Kinetic Sand or playdough. 


You can also easily differentiate the dino fun for your students, choosing numbers 1-10 or 11-20, depending on their needs!


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Each of these fun dinosaur math activities for preschoolers will ensure your journey through prehistoric times is filled with memorable learning experiences. Still searching for more thrilling adventures? Check out the entire Dinosaur Activities bundle for a steep discount on dinosaur activities for preschool.

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