5 Bee Fine Motor Activities for Kids Full of Buzzworthy Fun

I’m buzzing with excitement to introduce you to some bee fine motor activities specifically for your little busy bees. From nectar transfer challenges to pollen spin and stack games, these activities promise to captivate young minds while honing their dexterity and coordination. Let’s dive into the enchanting world of bees and discover how these engaging activities can enrich your preschoolers’ fine motor skills.

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Bee Lesson Plans

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Bee Sensory Bin

Bee Fine Motor Activities

Bees are cool until you hear a swarm of them angrily zooming above you on a casual hike through the rocks. Cue the spine-tingling fear.


Luckily, these adorable felt bees are anything but scary, especially when paired with yellow rice, a giant pasta hive, and flowers in a bee sensory bin.


Your preschoolers will love scooping and pouring, buzzing the bees from flower to flower, and tucking them in for the night in the pasta hive.


Don’t have giant pasta? How about all those cardboard tubes I know you’ve been saving?


Parts of a Bee

Bee Count & Clip Cards

One stinger, two antennae, three body sections, four wings, five eyes, and six legs. What?!? Nature is cool!


Let your preschoolers discover the mathematical design of one amazing insect by counting the parts of a bee.


Will they notice the pattern? Maybe. But they will definitely notice their fine motor and thinking skills strengthening as they mark each body part of the bee.



Nectar Transfer

Bee Fine Motor Activities

Do you need a way to get the wiggles out? Head outside for a nectar relay!


On one end of the bee relay race, you will need your “flowers,” aka bowls of yellow water. On the other end, you will need your “hives” or plastic egg cartons. 


Have your busy little bees start at the hives with droppers in their hands. Then, let the race begin to fly to the flower, collect the nectar, and fly back to the hive to drop it off for the next bee to begin. Try to fill your hive up first!

If you’re like, “Whoa, whoa, whoa. This ain’t field day,” then stay inside the classroom for a simple, calm version of the nectar relay in which students transfer the nectar (yellow water) from the flower to the hive (plastic egg carton or hexagon ice cube mold) using pipettes.


Pollen Spin & Stack

Bee Fine Motor Activities for Preschoolers

Back in my day (said in a gruff, old man’s voice), we used to stack our Crayola markers to see who could build the tallest tower. It was entertainment at its finest.


And you can teach this new Alpha generation how cool it is to simply build a tower with this next bee fine motor activity: Spin & Stack.

Spin the spinner to see which colorful flower your bee will fly to, then add the same color snap cube on top of your tower. Whose tower will be the highest, and whose will break first?


Pollination War

Bee Fine Motor Activities

Five girls grew up in my household, so naturally, my mom mixed up laundry every now and then. 


One time, our little sister’s underwear got deposited in one of our rooms, and instead of returning it to her like normal people do with mixed-up laundry, the ultimate underwear war began. 


At first, my sister and I just threw the pile of underwear back and forth between our rooms, but then we started getting creative and hiding them in cassette tape players, pillowcases, and lights. This epic battle went on for months.


As we enjoyed our underwear war, let your preschoolers enjoy the back-and-forth battle of transferring pollen with this next bee fine motor activity.

Place two cups on top of the flower mat with ten pompoms each. Then, roll the die and transfer that number of pompoms to your opponent’s cup until there is one final winner in the pollination war.


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