Bee Literacy Activities for Preschoolers Buzzing with Excitement

Buzz into learning this week with engaging bee literacy activities as we explore the tiny yet mighty creatures that keep our planet blooming: bees. Bees are needed to pollinate all beautiful flowers and, more importantly, fruits and vegetables. This week, take some time to talk about how important bees are while having fun and learning with these bee literacy activities for preschoolers!

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Bee Lesson Plans

Bee lesson plans for a week including read aloud recommendations, bee literacy centers, bee math centers, bee art projects, and beekeeper dramatic play.

Bee Boom Alphabet Game

Bee Literacy Activities

Do you know who has reflexes like a cat? Muah. And I 100% credit that to the thousands of games of Speed and Spit played on the floor of my childhood room. My girls only want to play Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza with me if I’m tired and off my game. 


Before starting those ridiculously fun, fast-paced games, let’s bump up our bee literacy activities with a 3-minute timer. It’s okay if your preschoolers aren’t Speedy Gonzales yet.


Flip the timer, flip over a Bee Boom card, and name the letter on the other side. If you name the letter correctly (help from a neighbor is okay), keep the card in front of you. 


But if you flip over a Boom! card, you must shuffle your entire pile of hard-earned alphabet cards back into the draw pile in the middle, and the game continues! 

Only when the timer goes off do you count your total number of cards, so you never know who will get the last Boom! card and who will win.



Alpha-Bees Letter Formation

Bee Literacy Activities

Whenever we can encourage our tots to buzz about a learning opportunity, I count it a win!


Hands-on, interactive learning experiences provide just the buzz we seek as educators. 


Ditch the letter tracing worksheets and foster excitement with Alpha-Bees! The printable bee cards guide proper letter formation as your preschoolers follow the numbers. 


Insert the card into the beehive slot when the letter is traced to provide that powerful sense of accomplishment or pair the bee alphabet cards with a yellow “pollen” writing tray for a kinesthetic touch. 


Either way, you can’t go wrong in providing interactive literacy practice that strengthens foundational skills!


beehive initial sound Activity

Bee Alphabet Activity

Preschoolers perfectly pick pictures popping with P or busily buzz bees to bop beginning B. Playing with alliteration is fun. Plus, I sound like Dr. Seuss. 


And your preschoolers’ lips will buzz with alliteration in this beehive initial sound activity as they find all of the pictures on these beehives that begin with the letter in the middle. “Volcano, violin, vest, vine!”

Determine the four pictures that begin with the letter and buzz bees or hexagon pattern blocks on top, and your preschoolers will be interesting initial sound intellects.


Honeycomb Syllables

Bee Literacy Activity

What do bees use to brush their hair? Honeycombs! 


And your preschoolers will be using honeycombs to brush up their syllable-counting skills with this next bee literacy activity.


Name the bee-themed picture on the Honeycomb Syllables mat. Use clapping or the included syllable counting mat to determine the number of syllables in each word. Finally, place the corresponding number of hexagon pattern blocks on top of the picture.

And before you know it, they’ll be syllable experts.


Honey Hunt

Bee Alphabet Scavenger Hunt

I am busy like a bee, which means I can’t stand to sit still too long. Watching a movie in the middle of the day? Can’t stand it. Sitting down at my computer for too long. Nope. Time for a walk. 


Yes, I sound like a toddler, so both your preschoolers and I appreciate activities that get us up and moving – like this Honey Hunt Scavenger Hunt!


But first, let’s start by sitting still (not for too long) while we read aloud The Big Honey Hunt by Stan Berenstain, the inspiration for this bee alphabet game. The bears in the book chase a bee to find the perfect honey tree but end up disturbing some animals burrowed into trees along the way.


And that is exactly what your mission is with this bee literacy activity: to find the honey, but not the predators. 


Scatter the lettered trees around the room, and when found, flip it over to see if you’ve found honey, a bee, or yikes! A predator. Then, mark or trace the letter on your recording sheet. 


Grab this honey scavenger hunt to get your preschoolers moving, identifying and tracing letters, and having a bee-last of a time!


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