5 Buzzing Bee Art Activities for Toddlers Inspired by Busy Bees

Looking outside my windows, I see the masterpieces around us: the flowers in bloom, the trees swaying in the wind, and the tiny insects navigating the world. Bees make their way in the world, buzzing from bloom to bloom and leaving their mark on it. Your toddlers will find their way to leave their mark with each of these bee art activities, promoting inspiration and creativity!

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Bee Lesson Plans

Bee lesson plans for a week including read aloud recommendations, bee literacy centers, bee math centers, bee art projects, and beekeeper dramatic play.

marbled Bees Process ARt

Bee Art Activities

Some may say I’m old-fashioned, but I’m a sucker for a good ol’ paper plate craft.


They were thrilling when I was a kid, and they are just as fun now to watch toddlers swirl the marble to their liking.


This toddler-friendly bee craft starts with a blank paper plate but ends as a masterpiece!


Simply swirl the marbles in yellow paint until the bee is sufficiently covered. Then, add black stripes and bubble wrap wings for the finishing touches!


Ta-da! A beautiful bumblebee ready for display with your bee art activities!


Hive drip paintings

Bee Process Art

Hive drip paintings made by dripping paint onto a hive printout as one of our bee art activities.

Most of the time, our goal is to keep paint from dripping on unwanted surfaces like clothes, the table, the floor… well, you know what I mean. 


Your toddlers will be thrilled to hear that the objective of today’s bee craft is to purposefully drip paint onto the bustling hives. 


To do that, simply use watered-down paint and pipettes with your hive printout hung on an easel.

IMPORTANT: Yes, we used honeycomb sticks to drip on our hives, but there were moments when we wanted to fling it, so I highly suggest pipettes. I can only imagine all of the paint flung over your classroom’s walls, carpet, clothes, and faces, so please spare us the nightmare.


Bubble Wrap Hives

Bee Art Activities for Kids

Bubble wrap hives are made by painting bubble wrap and stamping onto paper.

You never know what odd items teachers may collect at any given time. Bubble wrap is one such item.


But hey, it can come in handy when you least expect it! 


As for this toddler-friendly bubble wrap process painting, bubble wrap is the shining star that sets this masterpiece apart.


Paint the bubble wrap and stamp it onto paper for an eye-catching hive effect! After the paint is dry, take it up a notch and use a hole punch to cut hexagons for your tots to collage onto black paper for an even more realistic beehive.


bee directed drawings

Step-by-Step Drawings for Kids

Truth bee told I don’t know where I would bee without directed drawings guiding me through each of our themes. Maybee lost in a beehive somewhere?


See what I did there? Yeah, I’ll spare you and leave the bee puns beehind behind. 


But I would be silly to leave the step-by-step instructions behind! They are the perfect six-step guide to creating bee-themed drawings that spark creativity. 


Learn how to draw a bee, honey jar, and hive with these art tutorials crafted for toddlers.


Cookie Cutter Bee Prints

Bee Art Activities

My cookies don’t always turn out picture-perfect, but I sure am proud of these adorably cute cookie-cutter bees!


I imagine them hanging from ceilings or creating swarms on your bulletin boards. Either way, they are a toddler favorite and simple to create. 


Start by stamping a circular cookie cutter onto yellow paint to form the bee’s body. Then, stamp small heart cookie cutters in black paint to add the wings. Finally, add cotton swab dots as the final touches before adding eyes and a mouth!


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