Earth Day Fine Motor Activities That Mean the World to Kids

Preschoolers are never too young to learn about being environmentally responsible! Earth Day is a great opportunity to teach them simple ways they can help take care of our planet. One way to do this is by getting them involved in fun fine motor activities that also promote conservation and keeping our Earth clean. Check out these Earth Day fine motor activities to get started!

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Earth Day Lesson Plans

Clean the Water

Earth Day Sensory Bin

You know what is so satisfying?


Cleaning the pool with the net. 


I could slowly glide the net back and forth all day long and not tire of it. It’s part because I am transfixed by the smooth ripples of the water; it’s also part because of the satisfaction of seeing clear water.


And that satisfaction is exactly what your toddlers will feel as they save these ocean creatures from the pollution with this Earth Day sensory bin. 


We started this activity by talking about how trash can end up in the ocean if not properly discarded, harming our ocean creatures. This point was definitely made as we read one of our Earth Day books with Somebody Swallowed Stanley.


Then, I filled a tub with blue water, ocean creatures, crumpled up aluminum foil, small plastic bottles, and wax paper (it will hold up better than printer paper in the water) for the kiddos to scoop out with a net


Such an easy way to practice fine motor skills while learning about taking care of our planet with this activity.


Recycle Sort

Earth Day Sensory Bin

It’s Earth Day, and that means it’s time to get recycling!


But what can we recycle? And where do we put it? This fun sorting game will help preschoolers learn all about recycling. They’ll find pictures of recyclable materials in a sensory bin and sort them into the correct bins labeled as plastic, metal, glass, and paper.


And finally, finally, I get to use those little trash cans from the Dollar Tree that I’ve been saving for years. 


The first set of cards is color-coordinated to match the color of the recycling bins. Once kiddos get the hang of the types of recyclable materials, they can sort the plain blue cards as a challenge. 


Learning about recycling is a great way to celebrate Earth Day! This activity is perfect for kids who want to do their part in helping the planet. Plus, it’s a lot of fun!


Earth Day Play Dough invitation

Fine Motor Activity

If you give the kids a play dough tray, they will play for 2 hours. Wait, what?!? My night has been a blissful, peaceful escape, and all I did was put some tiny things (as my husband calls them) in a tray. 


Since we are celebrating Earth Day, this play dough invitation started with green and blue play dough. Then, I added some nature-themed items to the serving tray: blue gems, trees, rocks, flower beads, tree slices, and animal counters. 


What I didn’t know is where their imaginations would transport them, and that’s why I love open-ended play dough invitations. 


The blue play dough quickly transformed into ponds and habitats for the alligators and hippos. And then the giraffe sisters needed a tree to munch on. This Earth Day play dough invitation slowly evolved into a zoo. And I’m perfectly fine with that. 


There was so much communication combined with fine motor skills occuring. My little one is quite theatrical as she plays, while my eldest is interested in the details of her creation. Both were so fun to watch as they created with this Earth Day play dough invitation.


Stuff the Earth

Earth Day Fine Motor Activities

Do you play tennis? Or did you play 17 years ago and still have the tennis balls like me? 


Okay, while I hate to shatter your dreams, those balls are as flat as my ambitions to play tennis again. 


But good news: you can use those flat tennis balls in your classroom as a fine motor activity. Ace!

Just cut a slit in the side of them using a box cutter, and your preschoolers can pretend to stuff the Earth monster. Add dice to make this a counting game, and bam! No more dream-shattering reminders that you haven’t played tennis since high school. Plus, you’ve got a low-prep Earth Day fine motor activity that just so happens to upcycle some of your unused goods.


Recycled Inventions

Upcycled Craft

Recycled Inventions Earth Day Maker’s Box and pictures of various items like cardboard, cups, paper scraps, plastic lids, cans, and tape.

I bet you’re thinking these recycled inventions look like a bundle of trash taped together. That’s exactly what I thought, too.


This is why it took a whole truckload of self-control not to just throw this straight in the trash. But, deep breath, I’m glad I stopped to ask what exactly my little one made with these recyclable materials.


I present to you….


An octopus hotel!


Yup, I received the grand tour of the room, the closet, and the hotel bathroom. It’s safe to say that trip to Albequerque where we stayed in a hotel made a big impression. She’s still thinking about it half a year later. 


So here’s the thing: it seems like this recycled invention was just haphazardly thrown together. But when I stopped to ask questions, a whole world unfolded – one that was very thoughtfully constructed.


So give your students time to share their creations, and you will be amazed.


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If you’re looking for a fun and educational way to celebrate Earth Day with your preschooler, look no further! These Earth Day fine motor activities are perfect for teaching little ones about environmentalism while also helping them build their fine motor skills. And don’t forget – there’s still time to buy the Earth Day bundle and save!

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