5 Nursery Rhymes Math Centers That’ll Make You Jump Over the Moon

I have an abnormal child. And please, don’t send me hate mail over this. My youngest loves to sleep. In fact, today she said, “I’m cold. I’m ready for night-night.” This isn’t the first time. This girl loves her sleep, and she’s four and a half years old. Now, I can’t help get your little ones to nap, but what I can do is save you time. Instead of spending hours making your next nursery rhyme activity, why not just choose one that’s hands-on, engaging, and goes perfectly with your nursery rhymes theme. Check out these nursery rhymes math centers that’ll make you jump over the moon.

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Jack & Jill: Fill or Spill

Counting Game

I’ve never fallen down a hill, but I have rolled down. We were goofing around at our high school and thought we’d bring back some nostalgic childhood memories; however, the only memory I got was that I’d never do that again. Not only did I see stars, but I saw spots all over my body from that chemically-infused fertilizer. 


But your kids won’t have to worry about having an itchy reaction to fertilizer with our first nursery rhymes math activity. 


It’s a Jack and Jill: Fill or Spill counting game, and it will only bring about laughter (sans hives) as Jack and Jill go rolling down the hill. Your kiddos will beg to play this nursery rhymes math game over and over simply to get those spill cards. 


Here’s how to play: Set up three buckets for Jack, Jill, and Jack & Jill. Then, flip over a card that will tell you either to fill a bucket by counting gems into the matching character’s bucket or to spill a bucket by pouring it back into the well (just another tub with gems). That’s the part they love so much.


And you’ll love that they are engaged and working on number identification and counting during math centers.


Hickory Dickory Dock

Counting Activity

What is your favorite office supply? My usual favorite is sticky notes; however, I got all the feels when I went to Office Depot and got this Hickory Dickory Dock counting book bound. Like a spine-tingling sensation when he asked if I wanted a transparent cover for a couple of cents. Um, yes, please!


The book just makes this such a fun addition to our nursery rhymes math centers. Just flip open to a page, use cubes to count the mice, and then sing the corresponding nursery rhyme for each number. Finally, turn the hour hand on the clock to match the number of mice on each page. It’s time to the hour hidden in number identification with this one, folks. 


This Hickory Dickory Dock book is not only good for math centers but perfect to read aloud to your kiddos with the rhymes that go from one to twelve.


Miss Muffet measure

Nursery Rhymes Math Centers

Did you know that we are born with only two natural fears? Babies’ only fears are loud noises and falling, so where do the rest of their fears come from? 


Well, I know for a fact that my eldest is afraid of spiders because of me. I was walking on the treadmill and saw a huge spider racing toward her. I mean, it torpedoed like those spiders in Harry Potter, no joke. And so when I screamed and stomped on it, I lovingly passed on my fear of spiders. 


So, yes, Little Miss Muffet is completely justified in running away from that spider. I get it (and now my daughter does, too). 


But in this next math activity for your nursery rhyme theme, the spiders are completely friendly. See those cute smiles. 😊


Just measure the length of the spiderweb using snap cubes and then record the measurement in 3 different ways: with cards that show the length, with a recording sheet, or with the card that goes underneath the spiderwebs. 


Low-prep and hitting those math targets.


Bo Peep's Lost Sheep

Number Identification Activity

What’s unfortunate for Little Bo Peep is that she lost her sheep. But for us, it has transformed into a game of hide-and-seek, which is so enthralling for toddlers.


There are 3 sheep hiding behind the numbered bushes (placed there without any peeking), and the question is: Where are they hiding?


Flip over the Little Bo Peep cards to reveal tally marks, ten frames, dice, or counting fingers, which you choose based on student ability. Whichever number is on the card is the bush that you get to check for those lost sheep.


Trust me, they will want to keep going until they find all three sheep, and then they’ll want to keep on playing this exciting game of hide-and-seek over and over again.


Baa Baa Bags

Non-Standard Measurement

Joke time: Where do sheep go on vacation? The Baa-hamas. 


I totally get the vibe the sheep are going for there. Ever since my hubby and I went to Jamaica, I’ve been dreaming of my next vacation to the Bahamas. 


But all we can do is dream of sipping that pineapple mimosa on the beach while we keep on trucking through teaching. But don’t worry, this Baa Baa Black Sheep won’t take up too much of your daydream time.


To set up this nursery rhymes math activity, stuff a different number of pompoms or cotton balls into three small bags. I even added a rock to one bag to make it a little heavier. You’ll need to test these bags on the scale to make sure they each weigh a different amount. Then, tie on the tags for the master, the dame, and the little boy.


Then, the kiddos can weigh the bags on a balance scale with either bear counters, counting cubes, or wool (all three recording sheets are included). Note: If you are weighing with wool, you will need the extra-large black pompoms because the small ones don’t weigh enough. 


Finally, your kiddos can circle the corresponding weight on the recording sheet and write the number in the box if they are working on number formation.


Such a fun way to practice weight and counting during your nursery rhymes theme.


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