5 Valentine’s Day Books for Preschoolers That’ll Melt Your Heart

There are some charming books out there for Valentine’s Day. So many of these books have messages relating to friendship, kindness, sharing, thinking of others, and love – all the things we want to teach our toddlers. So I looked beyond cutesy and focused on the lessons we can teach our kiddos when choosing these Valentine’s Day books for preschoolers. Hope you can find some books that’ll melt your heart!

Valentine’s Day Books for Kids with pictures of Love, Splat; The Day It Rained Hearts; Love, Z, and Love Monster.

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The Day It Rained Hearts

by Felicia Bond

One magical day, it rained hearts, and Cornelia caught many falling from the sky. Since it was getting close to Valentine’s Day, she decided to make valentines for her friends. Cornelia noticed how each heart was unique and carefully chose hearts for each Valentine. 

This Valentine’s Day book for preschoolers is a good reminder that it’s not about the biggest or best gift but one that comes from the heart.


Love, Z

by Jessie Sima

Love, Z by Jessie Sima is the story of a robot who finds a bottle with a note saying, “Love, Beatrice.”


There’s only one problem: Z doesn’t know what love is. It’s something abstract that his robot family just can’t compute. And so he set out on a quest to find Beatrice, the only person who could possibly define love for Z. 


Many animals and people help him along the way, telling him that love is sharing delicious food, taking the time to teach something new, and wishing on a star. Just when Z’s about to give up, he finds Beatrice, who tells him love is warm, cozy, and safe


Then, his robot family bursts into Beatrice’s house, saying how worried they were about Z. Suddenly, Z understands love


And I understand that I’m in love with this book! 5 stars, and we will read this Valentine’s Day book for preschoolers over and over again.


Nobody Hugs a Cactus

by Carter Goodrich

Hank is a spikey cactus who enjoys being by himself. His prickly personality comes out as he yells at various characters passing by, annoyed by his peace being disturbed. But then something strange happens: Hank realizes that being alone is, well, lonely. But who would want to hug this prickly cactus?


So Hank grows a flower and decides to give it to Rosie, the local tumbleweed. In return, she gives Hank his first hug. This prickly duo end up stuck together, but it’s much better to be stuck in a hug than to be alone.

This book is not your typical Valentine’s Day book for preschoolers. Still, there is so much value in the physical connection from a hug that I couldn’t resist including this in our book recommendations.


Love Monster and the Last Chocolate

by Rachel Bright

The Love Monster returns from his vacation to find a box of chocolates on his doorstep. He goes inside, planning to gobble up all of the chocolates himself, but then he remembers that he should share with his friends. But sharing is like, hard. So many problems could arise, and he could be left with the coffee one. Yuck!


Better to keep them to himself. That is until he gets that “queasy-squeezy feeling in his heart.”


The Love Monster runs to them, eager to share, but when he gets there, they have a surprise for him. 

The message about thinking of others gives my heart a lovey-dovey feeling. Such a perfect pick for our Valentine’s Day books for preschoolers.


Love, Splat

Valentine's Day Books for Preschoolers

Our last Valentine’s Day book for preschoolers is Love, Splat by Rob Scotton. It’s Valentine’s Day, and Splat wants to look extra special for a kitty that makes his knees wobbly. Splat really likes Kitten but can’t understand why she pulls his ears and pokes his belly. 


There was just one thing standing in his way: Spike, who also likes Kitten and outdoes Splat in every way. Feeling defeated, Splat ends up throwing his Valentine away.


So who does Kitten like and what will happen to Splat’s crushed spirit?


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