6 Halloween Math Activities for Preschoolers to Enchant Learning

There were a few years of my life where I was too cool to dress up for Halloween. You can probably guess which ones. But I’ve realized that the fun of Halloween is not in the candy (unless it’s a Twix); it’s in the magic of dressing up as someone or something else. Yeah, I like to get a few good scares in, but I LOVE getting that costume on. And this Halloween theme just lends itself to that magic of being an imaginative being or creature. So let’s pretend to be witches, mummies, or monsters as we enchant and excite our kiddos with these Halloween math activities for preschoolers. 

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Halloween Lesson plans

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Witch's Stew

Counting Sensory Bin

🧙🏻‍♂️ We’ve been waiting…


If there’s one thing we look forward to every year, it’s Halloween. Halloween just means creativity oozes out, and we get to immerse ourselves in the world of:

🦄 fantasy
💭 imagination
🧪 potions
🤪 FUN!


And how can we as teachers do this while still teaching our little ones?


🕷 Witch’s Stew! 🕷


Talking of magic. My little ones have been begging to make this for months. Last night, they played with this sensory bin for a solid hour! Life saver!


It’s not only fun, it hits on these important skills:
✅ one-to-one correspondence
✅ counting
✅ “reading” vocabulary
✅ following multi-step directions


So if you are looking for a fun, engaging sensory bin that still hits on those important preschool skills, check this out now!


Mummy Math

Halloween Math Activities for Preschoolers

Mummies are pretty cool on their own. I’ve always wanted to go to Egypt to see the pyramids and the mummies. But mummies that you get to unwrap? It will be one of those mic-drop teacher moments


As your preschoolers unravel these adorable mummies, they will see some colored dots. Count the dots and subitize when possible. Then, find the corresponding number on the recording sheet. Color the mummy the same color as the dots, and then wrap it back up again. 


Tip: For higher numbers (these mummies go up to 20), use a dry erase marker to dot the dots as your little ones count.


You’ll feel se-Nile if you don’t set up this Halloween math activity for your preschoolers, so just grab it now!


make 10 Bats

Fine Motor Counting & Adding

It takes a great deal of concentration to get these linking chains hooked onto the flying bats. And after they are all counted and hooked on to match the numeral on the bat, they look like they’re ready to go to a party with their earrings, as my daughter said. 


This Halloween math activity is simple enough to set up. Just laminate the bats and punch holes in the designated spots – 5 on each wing. Little do our preschoolers know that they are building number sense as they hook on the bat’s earrings. LOL.


For students who have mastered counting, they can make 10 with these bat ten frames (pictured on the bottom). First, they can see from the ten frame that the first number in the equation is the number of bats already in the ten frame. Then, they can add little plastic bat counters to fill the ten frame and count the total number added. This number can be written in the addition number sentence at the bottom to make 10!


Counting Pumpkins

Counting & Comparing Lengths

Fall is my favorite season, partly because of the beautiful weather and vibrantly changing leaves, but also because of the activities. Corn mazes, apple picking, leaf jumping, and decorating for Halloween make our family fun weekends awesome!


But fall is incomplete with going to the pumpkin patch! And this next activity will definitely create that same air of excitement. 


For beginners, just link together the corresponding number of green chains to make vines for the numbered pumpkins.


For students working on more advanced skills, count the number of pumpkins in the ten frames. Then, find the matching numbered pumpkin and hook in on with the corresponding number of “vines.” Finally, compare the numbers by looking at the length of the vines. 


So many skills growing at the pumpkin patch with this math activity for preschool or even kindergarten.



Play Dough Counting

🎃 FREEBIE Alert!!! 🎃


Add some counting to your play dough activity by rolling a monster!


The kids just love squishing the monster body parts into the play dough. And I love that they are counting and having fun!


Start by rolling out a play dough body. Then, get rolling to find out how many horns, eyes, spots, teeth, arms, and legs to add to your monster. There are even traceable numbers at the bottom to aid in number formation!


Click the link below to grab yours for Halloween week!


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