5 Halloween Activities Toddlers Love: A Treat in Literacy Centers

Oooh! It’s time to get spooky with these not-so-spooky Halloween preschool activities toddlers will love! I love Halloween so much. It’s a time to dress up and pretend, which is right up a preschooler’s alley. We had a spooktacular time with all of the exciting and unique activities for this theme! Hope you have a great time with these, too!

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Halloween Lesson plans

Halloween weekly lesson plans with literacy activities, math activities, science, fine motor, and dramatic play.

Halloween ABC

Initial Sounds Activity

The next big thing for your centers: a cauldron and skeleton tongs from Dollar Tree!


I know, I know. It seems too simple. But it’s different. And sometimes that is all it takes to have your little ones want to crawl right on over to the literacy center and get learning!


We started this Halloween literacy activity off by placing magnetic letters on top of the Halloween alphabet board. Just stick a cookie sheet underneath to keep the magnets in place. Then, we flipped over a card, identified the letter and the Halloween-themed picture, and found the matching letter on the board.


Now, this is the fun part: place the letter in the cauldron and stir it up with those skeleton tongs. Oh, and in case you were wondering, there is a song! Bubble, bubble, toil, and trouble! He, he, he!


Ghost Hunt

Halloween Activities Toddlers Will Love

Oooh! This is good!


I have only explicitly taught my littlest (3.0) 6 letters of the alphabet. But she wanted to find EVERY. LAST. GHOST! Between the blacklight flashlights, the dot markers, and my sweet new tune, she just didn’t want to stop!


That is what I’m all about. Kids who just are so excited and having so much fun that they don’t know they are learning.


Anyone else felt that thrill when teaching lately? You won’t want to pass up that opportunity, so grab this Ghost Hunt letter identification activity for a thrilling whole-class Halloween activity!


Bone Dig

Letter Identification Activity

I’m going to bet that none of your students will be frightened away from letter formation practice this week. 


Everyone will be waiting for their turn at the Bone Dig alphabet sensory bin! 


Here’s a list of irresistible elements of this activity:

Even I couldn’t resist getting in on this engaging Halloween activity!


Candy corn Rhymes

Halloween Literacy Activity

You either love or hate candy corn. I could eat candy corn every day. Excuse me while I salivate for a few seconds.


Which is one of the reasons I loved this activity. The second reason: It was easy to see that we still needed an orange/yellow/white piece to go with our rhyming words. That made this Halloween literacy activity less toil and trouble than other rhyming activities.


I think this will be a repeat activity for the entire month of October. Now, pass the candy corn!


Spiderweb BINGO

Letter Identification Game

Perks of getting old: BINGO is a cool pastime. 


But our preschoolers don’t have to worry about being cool. They will just be excited to see these spiderwebs filled with letters. The best part: the font is covered with webs and spiders, too! 


This can be played as an individual, small group, or as a large class – whatever suits your needs!


First, flip over a card and say the letter aloud, working on letter identification. Then, find the matching letter in the spiderweb and place a plastic spider on top. The first player to get three-in-a-row wins!


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