Math Space Activities for Preschoolers You’ll Want in Your Class

It has happened: The moment when your baby suddenly becomes a person. All of a sudden, she’s a sweet goofball, and I’m just supposed to be okay with her growing up!?! Well, I’m not. The only thing that makes this kinda okay is that I get to see her grow and learn. And learn she does! Woo! She has caught right on to many math skills very quickly. I have really noticed it with these math space activities for preschoolers that we did this week. Check out what we did with math for our space theme!

Math space activities for preschoolers with background images of a mission control math board, missing planets, counting planets activity, and a fine motor space shuttle activity.

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Space Lesson plans

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Orbiting Planets

Math Space Activities for Preschoolers

As one of our science activities this week, I demonstrated how planets orbit around the sun by rolling a marble around a circular cake pan. I just added one of the blank suns from this activity to the center of the pan, and boom! Easy exploration to add to the science center.


After learning the definition of orbit, we brought out our paint palettes for a pompom planet counting activity. Don’t have paint palettes? This also comes with a printout for a print-and-go option. Choose to just count out the planets or extend learning by having students count and write the total number of pompoms used. 


Shuttle Link

Fine Motor Counting Activity

Anyone else terrified of outer space after watching Gravity with Sandra Bullock? How awful that would be! Luckily, that terrifying thought didn’t seem to enter my little ones’ minds when telling them to hook the astronauts on tight so they don’t float away. Eek! They just thought it was fun to make the space shuttle fly through the air as the astronauts did their spacewalk. 


With this space math activity, the kiddos first counted the number of windows, which are set up as a ten frame. Then, they found the matching numbered astronaut to hook onto their spaceship. There’s even more counting by linking the corresponding number of linking chains from the space shuttle to the astronaut. 


So many skills wrapped up in this Shuttle Link activity. This comes with numbers 1-20 to easily differentiate for your little learners!


Mission Control

Math Through Play

I am constantly looking for ways to incorporate learning through play. Astronauts have to learn a ton of math and apply it constantly throughout their missions, so tying math into this space station dramatic play was the perfect opportunity! Plus, I got the genius giggles when I came up with this one, which can only mean it’s really good. 


First, we flipped over a mission number card that included tally marks to let us know which mission we were on. Very important information, indeed. Then, we spun the arrow on the dice dial to match the mission number. Next, we added magnets to show the number as ten frame buttons. Oh, man, the excitement is building as we prepare to launch. Flip the switches to start the system, start the engine, increase power levels, and hit the thrusters. Finally, count backward from the mission number: 3-2-1 Blastoff! 


This Mission Control board is full of so many ways to learn through play. It can be used in your space dramatic play center as well as in math. Mission accomplished.


Missing Planets

Missing Numbers Activity

Build number sense and learn the order of the planets with this next math space activity: Missing Planets. The cards are missing either 1, 2, or 3 numbers to easily differentiate this for your students. 


We started out with 1 missing number for my littlest one and used magnetic numbers on top to show the missing number. As we went along, we sometimes had to count backward to find the first blank number. And if she got stuck, we referred to “The Solar System” poster to see the order of the planets, which we also incorporated into a fine motor science activity here.


Shape Constellations

Math Space Activities for Preschoolers

What is it about stickers that capture a toddler’s attention? Fun designs? Fascinating to peel? Self-sticking without glue? Whatever the reason, stickers are always a win in our house. 


Our last math activity this week was spent tracing shapes and adding star stickers to create Shape Constellations. An easy way to practice fine motor skills, shape identification, and tracing during a space preschool theme. 


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Make it hands-on, make it engaging, and make learning fun with these math space activities for preschoolers! I hope you got some ideas to inspire your next outer space unit! Don’t forget to check out more of the space activities in my bundle by clicking on the buttons above. Did you know if you buy the whole outer space bundle, you save 20%? Click below to check it out and let me know if there’s anything you need to make these activities work for your preschoolers!

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