5 Enjoyable Books for Presidents’ Day or Fourth of July

When it comes to choosing books to read to preschoolers, sometimes there are way too many books to choose from! Other times, like when you are teaching about the United States or the Fourth of July, the choices are limited. Especially when trying to teach such a complicated and vast topic to toddlers. But don’t you fret! I searched high and I searched low to find these gems. Here are some books for Presidents’ Day or during a USA preschool theme!

These books for Presidents' Day are perfect to read aloud to preschoolers.

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USA Lesson plans

what does it mean to be american?

By Rana DiOrio & Elad Yoran

The first book we read was What Does It Mean to Be American? by Rana DiOrio and Elad Yoran. This book shows that being an American is not as simple as liking fireworks. It is much more. Being an American is the ability to have choices, which is a founding principle of our country. It also means helping ourselves and others to become the best we can be. The authors of this book take such a complex topic and simplify it for even our youngest readers.

Questions to Accompany the Book:

i voted

By Mark Shulman

Next up, we read I Voted by Mark Shulman. This book shows that voting is just as simple as making a choice. Sometimes our choice gets the most votes and wins, while other times it doesn’t. But it’s important to make the best choice for you by listening to what candidates say they will do, reading about the choices, talking with people you trust, and asking questions. Love, love, love this book for preschoolers! It is the perfect book for Election Day and went seamlessly with our Voting Booth Dramatic Play.

Questions to Accompany the Book:

F is for flag

By Wendy Cheyette Lewison

The next book we read was F is for Flag by Wendy Lewison. This book shows that our flag is everywhere, and it is a symbol for many different things. Our flag means we stand united. It means we welcome others. But it also means we are one big family as citizens of the United States. Again, the text in this book is simple to read aloud to preschoolers and helps them understand one more concept about our country.

Questions to Accompany the Book:

I am Abraham Lincoln

Books for Presidents' Day

As a STEAM challenge this week, we worked on stacking Abraham Lincoln’s hat as high as possible using a pipe insulator as our “blocks.” This insulator is very similar to a pool noodle, so if you can easily find one of those, snatch it up!


Then, we read I am Abraham Lincoln by Brad Meltzer as one of our books for Presidents’ Day. This book is highly recommended as well as all others by Brad Meltzer, including I am George Washington (if you have enough time for it). It’s all about doing what is right, even when it is difficult. This book exemplifies this concept by telling how Abraham Lincoln stood up for what was right throughout his life. The author takes such a complex topic and makes it simple and enjoyable for even our toddlers to understand. Also, the text bubbles add so much voice to the story. You just have to read it!


Plus, this book goes perfectly with our Lincoln Hat Measure and STEAM Hat Stacking Challenge for math!

Questions to Accompany the Book:

The Story of America's Birthday

By Patricia Pingry

Finally, our last book we read was The Story of America’s Birthday by Patricia Pingry. This book explains to children why we celebrate the Fourth of July as America’s birthday. The vibrant illustrations, as well as the simple text, show the history of the United States in a way that toddlers can understand. So brilliant!

Questions to Accompany the Book:

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All of these USA books for Presidents’ Day or a USA preschool theme were such great finds! I hope you can add them to your classroom library when you teach your littles all about the United States! If you’re looking for some hands-on, engaging activities to pair with these books, check out the rest of the USA activities by clicking the buttons above! As always, if you need anything, just send me an email, and I’d be happy to help with anything you need!

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