15 Bee Activities for Preschoolers Buzzing with Excitement

Let’s buzz into learning this week by taking a look at an insect that is essential for life on Earth: bees. I think it’s important to teach our children that bees are needed not only to pollinate all of the beautiful flowers but more importantly, fruits and vegetables. Several types of bees are on the endangered species list, which means our food sources will deplete as they do. Take some time this week to talk about how important these bugs are while having some fun while learning with these bee activities for preschoolers!

Bees Weekly Overview with book recommendations, literacy activities and centers, math activities and centers, sensory bins, dramatic play, and science! All hands-on activities for preschoolers or kindergarteners to learn through play!

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Bees: Books We Love

Bees Books We Love | Buzz, Bee; The Honeybee; The Big Honey Hunt; Are You a Bee?; In the Trees, Honeybees

Buzz, Bee! by Jennifer Syzmanski is a great introduction to bees for little learners! This book explains what bees eat and drink, where they live, and how they find nectar to turn into honey.

Are You a Bee? by Judy Allen asks the reader, “Are you a bee?” and then proceeds to describe the busy life of bees and all of the challenges that bees face and overcome. 

In the Trees, Honey Bees by Lori Mortensen uses simple rhymes to tell about all of the busy things that worker bees do, from collecting nectar and pollen to making wax for honeycombs and cracks, to feeding the larva and the queen. It also includes extra facts on each page to dive deeper into the life of bees.

The Big Honey Hunt by Stan & Jan Berenstain shows how Papa Bear and Baby Bear follow a bee to find honey instead of just going to the honey store to buy it. Unfortunately, the task is harder than it seems as they encounter many other creatures in trees along the way.

The Honeybee by Kirsten Hall has verses that flow easily in this book as we journey along with a honeybee, one of nature’s hardest workers. This is a great introduction to bees with beautiful illustrations and facts.

Bees: Literacy Centers & Activities

Bee Boom

Bee Boom Letter Identification Game | Identify the letters and / or sounds with this buzzing game! Great literacy activity for a bees preschool theme!

Draw a hexagon letter card and correctly identify the letter and/or sound to keep it, but watch out! If you grab a “Boom!” card, lose all of the honeycombs you’ve earned. We, of course, played with great sound effects every time we drew a “Boom!” card. Sound effects just make everything more fun. I made a digital version of this game – available in my TPT store.

Alpha-Bees “Pollen” Writing Tray

Alpha-Bees Pollen Writing Tray | Add yellow sand to your writing trays to practice letter formation! Perfect for a bees preschool theme!

Our writing tray got filled with yellow “pollen” this week to practice letter formation with these adorable Alpha-Bees! We just used some yellow sand I found at the craft store.

The Beehive Buzz Sound Match

Beehive Buzz Initial Sound Match | Fly some bees over to the hive to match the initial letter sound with this bee-themed activity for preschool!

Fly some bees over to the pictures that begin with the same sound as the middle letter! I love these types of sound matching activities because the repetition of finding the same sound over and over reinforces the concept so much! Grab your Beehive Buzz Sound Match here!

Honeycomb Syllables

Honeycomb Syllables | Count the syllables in these bee-themed words and stack hexagons on top of the hive! Great preschool literacy activity for a bee theme!

Count the syllables in each of these bee-themed pictures and stack the hexagon pattern blocks on top of the Honeycomb Syllables! It even includes the life cycle of the honeybee across the middle to practice some science vocabulary!

The Big Letter Hunt

The Big Letter Hunt | Hunt around the trees for letters and mark them on the recording sheet. This preschool literacy activity goes along with the book The Big Honey Hunt.

Papa Bear and Baby Bear chased after a bee to find a honey tree in this book. Hide these trees around the room and have your tots find the letters. Trace over the little letters on the recording sheet to show that you’ve found it. Watch out! There are forest creatures living in some of these trees, and they will get ya!

Bees: Math Centers and Activities

Swat the Bee

Swat the Bee Number / Ten Frame Identification Game for bee preschool theme | Swat the number or ten frame that is called out with this engaging math game for a bee or insect themed preschool activity!

I know! I know! Killing bees is no bueno! This Swat the Bee activity is just so fun for tots because they get to use a flyswatter. I called out a number, and my little one swatted the bee with that number on it or the ten frame. She even pretended to scoop the dead (gasp) bee up and put it to the side. Love this activity because it builds number fluency.

Parts of a Bee: Count & Clip

Parts of a Bee Count & Clip | Learn about the parts of the bee through this math and science bee-themed activity!

Learn about the parts of a bee with this Count & Clip activity. We counted wings, antenna, body sections, stingers, eyes, and legs before using clothespins to mark the correct number. I am not sure why tots love clothespins so much, but it sure does add a fun element to this math and science activity.

Build a Beehive

Build a Beehive Preschool Counting Activity | Count out the honeycombs, bees, and specks of pollen to build a beehive with this bee-themed preschool activity!

To add in some fine motor construction this week, we built beehives using these cards. First, we used yellow hexagon pattern blocks to build the honeycombs in the hive. Then, we added in the bees and the specks of pollen (pom-poms) to complete the hive! I just used bee stickers on a white foam sheet, but these bee erasers would have been much easier!

Flower Stem Count & Measure

Flower Stem Count & Measure | Count the bees on the flower, measure and cut a stem to match! Great math activity for a bees preschool theme!

The flowers are in bloom, and the bees are buzzing! We counted the bees on each flower. Then, we linked cubes together to match the number of bees, marked the green strip of paper, and cut the stem to the right length. This activity included counting, counting, measuring, and cutting! Lots of good stuff here!

Bee Number Line

Bee Number Line | Grab your free bee number line to practice missing numbers for your bees preschool theme!

For a little missing number practice, I had my little one close her eyes while I covered a couple of numbers on this Bee Number Line with yellow hexagon pattern blocks. Then, she guessed which number was hidden before lifting it to check. Low prep and free!

Bees: Sensory Bins & Dramatic Play

Honeycomb Hive Sensory Bin

Honeycomb Hive sensory bin filled with Honeycomb cereal, a cardboard hive, flowers, and Easter egg bees for a bees preschool theme!

This sweet and edible sensory bin was made from Honeycomb cereal. I used leftover cardboard ends to make a hive that we could fly our Easter egg bees in and out of, added some flowers, and voila! Hours of fun and pretend play doing all of the things that we’ve learned about bees so far.

Pollination Station

Pollination Station | Learn colors or patterns with these flower cards. Just buzz the bee right over with this preschool bees activity!

We made these adorable Easter egg bees by adding electrical tape for stripes and using a permanent marker to draw a face. Then, we buzzed those Easter egg bees over to the flowers to practice color identification or patterns in the Pollination Station. I think patterns require a certain rhythm to master, and this activity got our bodies moving to the rhythm.

Nectar Relay

Nectar Relay | Act like a bee and collect nectar to bring back to the hive with this gross motor bee activity!

This relay race made us as busy, busy, busy! We flew down to the flower, collected nectar with a dropper, and buzzed back to drop the nectar off in our egg carton honeycomb. So much fun acting like a busy bee!

Beekeeper Dramatic Play

Beekeeper Dramatic Play | Inspect the hive for bees and pests with this bee preschool activity!

As one of our dramatic play activities this week, we pretended to be beekeepers! Using the hive inspection form, we made sure there was only 1 queen bee, and checked for eggs, larva, pupa, worker bees, drone bees, moths, beetles, and mice. Easy to prep – just print and go!

Honey Store Dramatic Play

Honey Store Dramatic Play | Buy and sell different sized jars of honey with this bee themed dramatic play center!

After reading The Big Honey Hunt where Papa Bear learns that the best honey comes from the honey store, we set up our own honey store with small, medium, and large jars of gooey honey, a honey banner, and open/closed signs. We played as if we were either the customer or the cashier, practicing our counting skills as we paid with Bee Bucks. This is one of my tot’s favorite activities from this week.

I hope these bee preschool activities got you buzzing, and you found something fun and exciting to implement at home or in the classroom. Grab your entire discounted bundle here!

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