Summer Art Activities for Toddlers

Summer Art for Toddlers Bubbling with Fun & Imagination

The adventures of summer ignite the senses: icy popsicles on a hot afternoon, sand silkily sliding between your toes, watermelon juice dripping down your chin, and bubbles bursting with sparkling pops. And we, as parents and teachers, can also bring about these nostalgic sensations in our summer art for toddlers.

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Earth Day Art Projects for Kids

5 Earth Day Art Projects That Promote Reusing Materials

Looking for fun and simple Earth Day art projects that promote recycling and reusing materials? You’re in luck! We’ve put together a list of five easy art projects that preschoolers will love. From recycled Earth paintings to CD suncatchers, there’s something for everyone. So get creative and have fun! This

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Solve an Earth Day Scavenger Hunt to Find the Litterbug!

Happy Earth Day, teachers! Ready to celebrate our planet with some fun and educational activities? This Earth Day scavenger hunt is perfect for preschoolers (and you if you like to have fun)! They’ll have a blast finding clues to solve the mystery of the litterbug while learning about the different

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