5 Jungle Math Activities for Preschoolers to Wildly Explore Numbers

Math should not be a flat worksheet filled with scrambled numbers and symbols. Numbers should be vibrantly alive, just like all exciting rainforest animals. The best way to bring math to life is through tangible manipulatives! Discover five exciting jungle math activities that make math pop off the page and engage kids in interactive counting, measuring, and pattern activities. Make your rainforest math centers a thrilling adventure!

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Rainforest Lesson Plans

Jungle Math game

Counting & Color Identification

My husband insists I make up rules during the middle of games to ensure my win; however, I am a rule follower. I can’t go for an extra free sample at Costco. 


Luckily, the rules are pretty clear while racing to the finish line in this jungle adventure game. 


Your toddlers will roll the dotted and colored die, then race the jungle animals across the board. There’s no making up any rules in the middle of the game. Besides, only the jungle animals are winners, even with multiple players.


Who will reach the winner’s platform first? Start rolling to find out!


Groom the Chimp

Ten Frame Jungle Math Game

Here’s the thing… there may not be any time in your schedule for monkeying around, but there is time for a fun chimp activity to be added to your math centers!


It’s a tried and true toddler favorite! Plastic bugs, tongs, and adorable monkeys all work together to reinforce counting while utilizing fine motor skills. 

The ten frame cards guide your students as they groom the chimp one bug at a time! See who can groom their chimp first!


Chameleon counting Game

Jungle Math Activities

You can turn an ordinary math center into an extraordinary one with one simple material: tape!


Trust me, every time my kiddos walked by this chameleon counting activity, they had to roll the beads onto the sticky tape tongue! Even I was caught sneaking in some rolls.


It’s truly that engaging. 

Your toddlers won’t even realize they are practicing number identification with ten frames, numerals, counting fingers, and number words as they count and roll beads onto that chameleon’s tongue!


Toucan Tip

Count & Compare Weights

Have you tried walking on a balance beam as an adult? These deceivingly simple planks should be added to gyms nationwide because I feel like this teetering toucan as I attempt not to tip over. 


I may not be confident in my balance beam skills, but I am totally confident in our Toucan Tip count and compare weight activity


Whether your toddlers are new to comparing weights or have experience with the balance scale, this activity will hold their attention while they learn!

The colorful toucan cards have different numbers of fruits on each wing. Your little ones will count each amount on the balance scale and then compare the weights!


Snake Patterns

Jungle Math Activities

We love spending time in nature. My girls love hiking, camping, and the great outdoors. 

I enjoy outdoor activities, too! There’s just one condition: no snakes. 


I never can remember the saying that helps you recognize whether certain snakes are poisonous.


It really doesn’t matter because, in my mind, there’s not a single friendly snake


There are friendly indoor snakes, though… and those include these printable pattern snakes. 


These snakes are snakes I can be friends with. They help toddlers learn patterns and create a hands-on learning opportunity for preschool friends! A win-win in my mind!


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