Wrangling Wild West Art for Toddlers to Unleash Creativity

From sunup to sundown, days in the Wild West are packed full to the brim. From chores to play, each day brings something new as cowboys and cowgirls embrace all that is set before them! Provide a space for creativity and imagination to run wild with creative Wild West art for toddlers fit for the creative cowboy.

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Wild West Lesson Plans

Cactus Silhouettes

Wild West Art for Toddlers

Cactus sunset silhouettes are made by coloring with markers on aluminum foil, spraying with water, and stamping paper on top. Then, add black cactus and sand to make a silhouette.

Do you prefer watching a sunrise or sunset? I much prefer a sunset because, for one, I am awake, and for two, it’s the perfect time to reflect on everything great that has happened that day.


No matter which camp you fall in, Cactus Sunset Silhouettes will captivate the eyes of all onlookers. 


Throughout this Wild West art activity, colors will come to life and the cactus will appear majestic in the forefront of a process art masterpiece!


Start by coloring aluminum foil with your choice of markers. Then spray the foil with water before stamping the paper on top! 

To finish, add a black cactus and sand for the finishing silhouettes! Ta-da! A sunset scene fit for wishing any cowboy or cowgirl a good night’s rest.


horse craft

Wild West Process Art

A horse is the centerpiece of the Wild West lifestyle. 


They are useful, serve a purpose, are loyal, and are well respected by their cowboys and cowgirls. 


My girls would just say they are cute, which is, of course, true, too!


Our Wild West horse craft is also cute and easy for your toddlers to create.


Horse silhouettes will be dabbled with color after using bleeding tissue paper and water to create a stained effect.


Put those fine motor skills to work as your tots add a yarn mane in punched holes to their new Western companion!


sand cactus

Desert Art Project for Kids

Green cactus printouts decorated with colored sand as an idea for Wild West art for toddlers.

No prickly cacti here! 


Just tall, green cacti with sand art designs that will catch your eye a mile from across the desert.


Each tot designs a cactus to add to the majestic Western landscape. To do so, just print a cactus outline on green paper.


With a little glue and colored sand or salt, these cacti will make the perfect addition to any Western-themed bulletin board.


Wild West directed Drawings

Cowboy Art for Kids

I’ve said it before, but what did we do before directed drawings were a thing?!


My drawing skills have definitely leveled up several notches thanks to directed drawings, and your tots’ skills can too. 


Follow the six simple steps to learn how to draw a bull, cowboy hat, and a horse.


Each drawing will make the perfect addition for your cowboy and cowgirls’ recaps in their daily ranch life journals.


rope painting Process ARt

Wild West Art for Toddlers

Paintings made by dragging paint-dipped rope across paper.

While there *hopefully* won’t be any true lassoing happening during your Wild West art stations, there is a reason you should add rope to your list of materials.


For this process art activity, drag short pieces of rope dipped in paint across the paper to create a fascinating process art masterpiece with eye-catching textures.

This is just a fair warning—it’s a good idea to reinforce the no-lassoing rule before the paint is opened. You know… for those cowboys and cowgirls who are just excited about all that life has to offer in the Wild West!


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Can you imagine your bulletin boards lined with Wild West art for toddlers that displays your cowboys’ and cowgirls’ artistic talents? The sight may be just as captivating as a gorgeous Wild West sunset. Lasso up your materials and mosey toward your art station with inspiration galore!

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