5 Nocturnal Animal Math Activities To Make You Hoot with Joy

“You don’t need anything but hope. The kind of hope that flies on silent wings under a shining owl moon.” -Jane Yolen

And I can give you hope as your plan your nocturnal animal math activities. Hope that it won’t take all night to come up with hands-on, creative activities that will help your preschoolers learn about these fascinating creatures of the night while developing a greater understanding of math. So don’t wait until the owl moon appears; start planning your nocturnal animal math activities now, and you’ll be hooting with joy when you’re done!

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Nocturnal Animals Lesson Plans

Nocturnal animals lesson plans with literacy activities, math activities, nocturnal animals books, science, and fine motor centers.

Skunk Spray

Nocturnal Animal Counting Activity

Strange smells constantly drift around the classroom; most of the time, they’re scents you wish you never whiffed. Note to self: Read with your shoes off will never be a reward again.


But you won’t have to worry about any foul odors with this next nocturnal animal math activity, even though it involves tons of skunk spray.


Have your students draw a card showing the skunk spraying one of its predators (the fox, badger, or wolf). Then, spray the animal with the corresponding number in one of two ways: by squirting green water or counting green pompoms into the predators’ cups.


If you can set this up on your water table, your students will be lining up to spray those predators. And the best part: they won’t even realize they are learning number identification and counting with this smellerific activity!


Mouse Tails

Non-Standard Measurement

There are certain things you hope to never see in your classroom. At the top of my list? Mice.


I’d prefer not to have them scurrying across my floor or treating themselves to my secret stash of chocolate. 


However, I am okay with them appearing in my math centers. The cute mice on the Mouse Tails Non-Standard Measurement cards are welcome anytime to help add engagement while my little learners practice their math skills. 


After you print your cards, pull out your snap cubes, and your measurement activity is ready to go! 


An added bonus? This activity also provides practice with other foundational skills: counting, measuring length, and identifying numerals.


So – go crazy. Invite the mice into your room with this nocturnal animal math activity!


Hedgehog Patterns

Nocturnal Animal Math Activities

Hedgehogs are known for their prickly spines, made up of quills that they use to protect themselves. 


Can you imagine a hedgehog exploring your preschool classroom? That’s some hands-on learning that may not end well. 


Enter: a hedgehog math activity that is safe for little hands to touch and work with. The Hedgehog Patterns Math Activity has the cutest little hedgehogs, just waiting for their patterns to be completed. 


Your preschoolers will use clothespins and their fine motor skills to complete the patterns printed on the hedgehog cards. 


Looking to differentiate the activity? Use the hedgehog cards without colors so your students can create their own patterns. 


Click the link below to add the classroom-friendly hedgehogs to your nocturnal animal math activities.


Stuff the owl

Pompom Counting Activity

Owl you need for this next nocturnal animal math activity are some pompoms and a cup, and your preschoolers will be ready to become as wise as owls. 


Tape the owl printout onto your cup and toss brown, white, black, and yellow pompoms into a bin.


Then, have your students flip a counting card (which comes with either numbers 0-5 or 0-10 to easily differentiate for your class). Count the corresponding number of pompoms into the cup to “Stuff the Owl”!

And you’ll be hooting with joy with this low-prep math center for your nocturnal animal theme.


Fox Frenzy

Number Identification

Elementary school dreams: to become a cup-stacking champ


You know, the cups you stack up in a pyramid and unstack as fast as you can. 


I know I’m not the only one who begged their parents for a set of cups. 


And to get your preschoolers started on their cup-stacking goals, we’ve got a (much slower-paced) fox counting, cup-stacking activity. 


Start with two to three sets of frolicking fox cups labeled with numerals on their bellies. Then, flip over a card that shows a pyramid of foxes with either numerals, counting fingers, ten frames, number words, or tally marks, making it easy to differentiate for your learners.


Then, ready, set, stack! Stack the fox cups according to the arrangement on the cards, working on number identification, different number forms, and fine motor balancing skills. 


Get your preschoolers ready for a Fox Frenzy by clicking the link below!


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The next time you are looking for a fun and educational math activity to do with your kids, why not try one of these nocturnal animal math activities? They will surely get your little ones excited about numbers and counting, as well as learn about nocturnal animals. Enjoy learning about some of our favorite nighttime animals!

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