5 Christmas Art Projects for Toddlers Dashing with Delight

Been Grinching out lately. For some reason, my brain cannot get in the Christmas mood, which is bitterly disappointing especially when it comes to being around the little ones. Their souls are exploding with Christmas confetti, and I desperately want to be on their level. But there is one simple way to ring in that holiday cheer, and that is with some Christmas art projects for toddlers. So blast some “All I Want for Christmas Is You” and get out your craft supplies to ignite that Christmas spirit.

Christmas Art Activities for Preschoolers with background images of a Christmas tree painting, cookie cutter painting, Christmas tree ornaments, and a poinsettia craft.

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Christmas Lesson Plans

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Poinsettia Craft

For Your Christmas Bakery

I’m all about getting the kids involved when it comes to decorating our dramatic play centers. Not only does it give them a sense of ownership, but it’s a great way to incorporate scissors skills


For our Christmas Bakery dramatic play center, we made these poinsettia crafts to give it some festive flashes of red. 


Just cut out the 2 flowers, the set of leaves, staple them together, and add a yellow pompom on top.


Christmas Ornament

Model Magic Ornaments

Christmas tree ornaments painted with red ribbon.

Need a gift for your preschoolers to give to their parents? Handmade ornaments are such an easy and inexpensive way to do that.


If you are crafty and not in a Grinch-like mood, you can even make salt dough ornaments. It only requires 3 ingredients (4 cups flour, 1 cup table salt, and 1.5 cups of water), but you have to bake them. So, if you’re feeling more like Ebeneezer Scrooge this year, try picking up a pack of Crayola Model Magic. No baking is required. 


Just roll out your dough of choice on parchment paper, use cookie cutters to cut out a Christmas shape, and then make a hole for ribbon using a straw. We even added a little personal touch by using our fingers to make the ornament imprints.


Then, leave them out to dry (if using Model Magic) or bake the salt dough ornaments for 2-3 hours at 250 degrees Fahrenheit. (Just thinking of that time commitment makes me cringe.)


Finally, paint your ornaments and add a festive ribbon to the top. 


Cookie Cutter Painting

Christmas Art Projects for Toddlers

I cannot resist dessert. Thinking back, there’s only one time I can recall being able to turn down the offer for a sweet. It was beautiful really. Brings tears to my eyes. 


At least I didn’t have to resist the temptation with this Christmas art project for toddlers. 


We did use cookie cutters but turned them into stamps with paint. Just squirt some paint onto plates or trays, add a cookie cutter, and let your little ones stamp away!


This could even make some pretty neat wrapping paper if you just roll out some craft paper on a table. 


Christmas Directed Drawings

With Step-By-Step Instructions

That reindeer is too much! I cannot handle its cuteness, especially because my little girl (she would say big girl) did it without help. I’m not crying over here, I swear. 


These step-by-step drawings are a great way to encourage kids from a young age that they can draw. You don’t know how many kids get to third grade and believe that they can’t draw, that they’re not artistic. It is so disheartening. 


But maybe it’s because no one ever sat down to show them simple shapes to draw one step at a time.


So let’s get that belief knocked out of their heads and show our kids that they can draw. This set includes 150 themed drawings for the entire year to make it easy for you to set up for your kiddos. 


Marble Tree Painting

Christmas Process Art

Marble tree painting includes a picture of a triangle tree cut out painted with marbles.

Okay, if this next one doesn’t get you in the Christmas spirit, there’s truly no hope. 


Put a piece of green paper in the bottom of a plastic tub or shallow cardboard box. Add a few dots of paint and a couple of marbles. Then, tilt the box back and forth like you’re doing the cha-cha, and bam! Art! 


Then, cut the green paper into a pointy triangle and add some star stickers. The final touch is the star on top, and no one needs to fight over who gets to do it this year. Especially if you have this handy-dandy star paper punch.


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