5 Diverse Fairy Tale Books for Preschoolers To Capture Their Attention

It’s a magical thing, these fairy tales. We’ve read them for generations, and now we have the opportunity to read these fairy tale books for preschoolers to our little ones, spreading that fairy dust over their imaginations. But we can do even better than just read the same books we did. We can expose our children to the tales through the lens of different cultures. As I read and reread these classic fairy tales, I truly enjoyed how much they can enrich our children’s views of the world by simply seeing different cultures in books. And now I hope you can expose your preschoolers to some different fairy tales with these multi-cultural fairy tale books for kids.

Fairy tale books for preschoolers such as Three Billy Goats Gruff, The Princess and the Pea, Rapunzel, and Stone Soup.

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Fairy Tale Lesson plans

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Little Red Riding Hood

By Gaby Goldsack

This classic tale of Little Red Riding Hood by Gaby Goldsack incorporates vibrant illustrations and simple text – perfect for reading aloud to preschoolers.


Sometimes the attention of our little ones can wander with books that are too long. It can make it extremely difficult to manage all of the behaviors that come up, especially with larger classes! That’s why I’m always picking books that take around 5 minutes to read. Short, but still quality texts are what I aim for!


The Princess & the Pea

By Rachel Isadora

Next up, we read The Princess and the Pea by Rachel Isadora. Your little ones will absolutely love the bright illustrations in this book including the vibrant patterns in the African clothing


As the prince in this story sets out to find a princess to marry, he comes across many different princesses from all over Africa. Be sure to check out the back of the book first with the African greetings from Ethiopia, Somalia, and Kenya! That’ll definitely help when reading this short fairy tale. 


Don’t forget to check out this counting and stacking activity to go with this fairy tale book for preschoolers!


The Three Billy Goats Gruff

Adapted by Mara Alperin

After a long winter of eating on thistles, the three goats set off down to the valley for some delicious grass in this adaptation of The Three Billy Goats Gruff adapted by Mara Alperin. They just have to get across a bridge with a hungry troll guarding it!


My favorite addition to this fairy tale book is the dialogue from the goats. It adds such a fun element to the story!


Looking for an activity to accompany this book? Check out our Goats Gruff Syllable Game!


Stone Soup

By Jon Muth

I love this version of Stone Soup by Jon Muth. The author ties in happiness with giving, which is such an excellent lesson to teach our children. 


All of the people in the village have shut themselves inside their homes after many years of hardship. When the monks in the story begin making Stone Soup, the villagers are curious and come out to see how it is even possible. What they don’t realize along the way is that they are all working together and giving what they can to make a delicious soup for the town to share. 


If you’re looking for a way to have your students work as a team to make Stone Soup, you should definitely check out our Stone Soup counting sensory bin! They will love it and be learning how to work as a team at the same time!


The Frog Prince

By Susanna Davidson

Topic of our fireside conversation: What is the most important quality you seek in a friend?


For me, it all comes down to being trustworthy. The second someone doesn’t do what they say or lies, I just don’t want anything to do with them.


The story The Frog Prince can help us show our preschoolers the importance of following through on promises. This version of the story by Susanna Davidson keeps the text short, but still interesting for our little ones to read. Paired with vibrant illustrations, this fairy tale book is perfect for preschoolers!


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5 Diverse Fairy Tale Books for Preschoolers To Capture Their Attention

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