Fairy Tale Activities to Bring Magic to Your Literacy Centers

Five years old, imagination swirling with wonder at Disneyland, and I watch in awe as a little girl pulls the sword from the stone to become a princess for the day. It has been my fairy tale dream ever since to pull the sword from the stone. Now, I get to immerse my children into this imaginative world of fairy tales and create learning activities that capture their hearts and attention, just like when I watched that girl pull the sword from the stone. That’s what makes this so much fun for me. And I certainly didn’t hold back this week with our fairy tale activities that will certainly bring magic to your literacy centers!

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Fairy Tale Lesson plans

Fairy tales weekly lesson plans with literacy activities, math activities, science, fine motor, and dramatic play.

Red Riding Hood Letter Mazes

Letter Identification Activity

Learning to identify letters is kinda like Little Red Riding Hood trying to figure out what was wrong with her grandmother.⁣

😕 It’s can be confusing!⁣

But your little ones can just take one step at a time, trying to find the matching letters in these Red Riding Hood mazes. The repetition of finding the same letters over and over can definitely help! ⁣

Start by just dotting each letter or placing a gem on top of each letter as they move from Red Riding Hood to Grandma’s house. ⁣

Next level, draw a line to form a path to Grandma’s house!⁣


Goats Gruff Syllable Game

Fairy Tale Activities

❤️ You had me at game. ❤️


Can I be a professional board game or card game player, please?


I love games and know board games can definitely amp up learning in the classroom!


This syllable counting game is a cooperative game that can be incorporated into small groups or centers. Goes perfectly with the book Three Billy Goats Gruff when you’re learning about fairy tales.


Just draw a card and move any goat across the bridge the same number of spaces as there are syllables. Get all of the goats across before you collect all 4 troll pieces and the game is over! 


Take it to the next level: Only move the goat that is pictured on the card for an extra challenge.


FAiry Tale ABC

Initial Sound Activity

Is trash always a treasure to teachers? I’m always saving little caps and cardboard and containers. Maybe that’s where my kids get it from? 🤔


They got balloons from Red Robin yesterday with a plastic stick, and the sticks are now magic scepters with polished rocks on top. 🪄


And that would be perfect for this wand-waving activity! These fairy tale cards have two pictures on them, and we waved our magic wand over the one that started with the letter in the middle.


Not only do these cards help with initial sound identification, but they also help build vocabulary of fairy tale words. It’s like magic!


I find that it’s the little details that grab the attention of our little ones. 


Fairy Tale ABC

Letter Formation Tray

Tracing letters on worksheets is boring. But writing letters in rainbow rice definitely isn’t! And if you add in some Wonder Wands, your kiddos will be just as transfixed as I am with letter formation practice


Making rainbow rice does take some time, but once you have it made, you can use it over and over again.

I love that these letters include the numbers to help with the order of the pencil strokes. And these fairy tale cards also include an initial sound picture to get even more out of this activity!


Frog Prince Bingo

Fairy Tale Game

Teaching the alphabet can get repetitive. If you are teaching preschoolers, you know what I mean.


But it doesn’t have to be.


Not only is this a BINGO game, but it also adds in something else: spinners! Plus, it’s tied to a favorite book: The Frog Prince.


All of that together is gonna help you rock your next alphabet lesson!


The kids will love playing this BINGO game trying to get 3 in a row!


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