Farm Art Activities Sure to Transform Your Imaginative World

Saturday morning art classes – my mom would drop me off, and I would be transported to a new world full of vivid brush strokes and a breeze of eraser shavings. Time would stop, and the only care in the world was to create. It was pure happiness caught up in the moment of creating something new. As my children grow, I wish to transport them to new worlds full of color and imagination. This week, we cultivated this artistic happy place through our farm art activities. Check them out!

Farm art activities for preschoolers with a muddy pig painting, farm directed drawings, an egg rolling process art painting, and painted clay corns.

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Farm Lesson plans

Egg roll Painting

Process Art

Egg roll painting with an egg and spattered paint in a cardboard box. Preschoolers roll the egg around to create a speckled painting as one of our farm art activities for preschoolers.

Sometimes, our art projects turn out pretty cringe-worthy. Like, let’s let that dry in the trash can. I guess that’s part of creating art. We get to explore different techniques, and sometimes they don’t turn out so well.


Other times, like this time, our art projects turn out even more magical than expected. I found these crystal eggs at Hobby Lobby that I thought would create a cool texture as we rolled the egg around the box, and man was I right?!? 


To make these egg rolling paintings, just place a piece of watercolor paper in the bottom of a shallow box. Add some drops of tempera paint. Let the students choose the colors, of course. And then, hold the sides of the box to slowly roll the plastic egg around until your beautiful masterpiece is done. Wunderbare!


Muddy Pigs Painting

Sensory Farm Art Activities

Some preschoolers will love getting their hands dirty with this next farm art activity. Others will daintily dip one finger in the brown paint and then immediately ask to wash their hands (Note: My daughter in the top left picture.). 


Either way, these muddy pigs provide children with the opportunity to paint with their fingers, experiencing the sensation of silky paint.


After painting, I handed them the salt shaker to create additional texture. Plus, science, people! 

The kids predicted what would happen when the salt touched the paint. After they dried, we observed our pig paintings and noticed that the salt left little white specks in the paint where it had absorbed the water. A pretty neat way to combine art and science as one of your farm art activities!


Corn Clay Painting

Experimenting with Mediums

Corn husks made from magic clay and painted to look like natural corn as a farm art project.

I don’t know about your kiddos, but mine are obsessed with painting. Maybe they just like to torture me with the clean-up?!? Or maybe they love how the colors glide on gently and mix together in a rainbow swirl? 


Either way, we decided to paint on a surface other than paper this week: Model Magic Clay!


I pre-cut corn outlines from brown paper bags, leaving the husks for the kiddos to gently tear. Then, we exercised those fine motor skills to pinch and roll the Model Magic into small balls. Finally, we glued the clay onto the paper bag and didn’t even wait for the glue to dry to start painting. 

Some children will be able to paint individual kernels, while others will just paint all together like a bag of Jet-Puffed marshmallows left in the camper too long. Either way, these ornamental corns are perfect to add to your farm art activities!


Farm Directed Drawings

Step-by-Step Drawings

When the game of Pictionary comes out, that’s when we realize how little we may know about drawing. I know, I know: everyone is drawing fast in that game. But sometimes my brain is like, “Wait! What shape is a horse’s head?” 


I feel like there are many people (like myself), not just toddlers, that could benefit from these directed drawings. LOL! Sorry in advance to any of you that are Pictionary-challenged.

Anyway, anyone (even you) can learn more about drawing with these step-by-step directed drawings. Don’t wait for the next night of Pictionary embarrassment to snatch this! Grab it now to add to your art center or even your writing center (see the space for words at the bottom?).


Painting with Feathers

Process Farm Art Activities

Painting with feathers includes various paints for toddlers to use to paint with feathers instead of paintbrushes as one of our farm art activities.

Our last art project was painting with feathers, inspired by the hens and ducks down on the farm. 


I gave each kiddo a paint palette with a multitude of colors to choose from. At first, I thought I should use one feather per color, but we ended up using just one feather each, and I love how the colors mixed together to make swirls of blended colors all over the page. 


This is such an easy process art activity to set up for preschoolers during your farm theme!


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