Farm Literacy Activities to Move in the Excitement of Learning

What was I thinking? I love pulling out old pictures, but sometimes I wonder what I was thinking with the outfits I put together, the black lowlights I put in my naturally blonde hair, or the uncomfortable shoes I used to wear. These thoughts just make me cringe. The other thing I’ve been wondering (mostly because my girls are into asking about favorites) is my favorite farm animal. For as long as I can remember, I have loved pigs. But now I wonder if it’s just because they are pink? I mean, they really aren’t when you actually get to see a pig. I am definitely reconsidering this. Horses are definitely cooler. No matter what your favorite farm animal, there is definitely something here for everyone with these farm literacy activities for preschoolers. We’ve got cows, pigs, horses, you name it! Check out our literacy centers for farm week:

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Farm Lesson plans

Barn Sounds

Initial Sound Activity

Anyone else love self-checking centers? I can set my little ones off with an activity and know they are still learning that essential information without me there! These initial sound cards incorporate farm-themed words up in the loft of the barn. (Adding in those themed vocabulary words is just an added bonus to this activity! ) The little ones identify the picture, identify the initial sound, and then open the barn doors to reveal the beginning letter of each word. The doors are the perfect way to amp up the engagement with this literacy activity!


Pigs in the Mud

Letter Matching Farm Literacy Activity

Okay, I will admit that pigs are adorable when they are piglets or in the clip art version – like these. But I still don’t think they are my favorite farm animal.


For this next activity, we matched lettered pigs to the letters in the mud for a low-prep literacy center. Just cut out the pig cards along the lines, laminate if you want, and this is set to go! I love how you can mix and match the uppercase/lowercase letters in the mud with the uppercase/lowercase pigs to meet the needs of any learner!


Cow Chow

Farm Rhyming Activity

My little ones absolutely love any activity that has to do with feeding the animals. Our farm feeding counting sensory bin has been such a hit this week! So I’ve incorporated feeding the cow with this next literacy activity: Cow Chow! Just like the name suggests, this is a rhyming activity in which students only feed the cow the rhyming pairs. To differentiate for my little one, I put the two cards that started with the same first picture out at the same time. This made it easier to determine which pair ended the same way. Easy to set up with just a cardboard box, too! Check out this farm literacy activity here!


Silo Syllable Sort

Phonological Awareness Activity

Next up, we sorted words into silos based on the number of syllables. We used these farm vocabulary cards, which can be used in a pocket chart in the writing center or used with the silos for this activity. Just tape the numbered silos onto tin cans or tall containers for an easy set-up. Then, say each farm-themed word, clap the syllables, and count them using your fingers. (I’ve included a little poster showing these steps to make it easy for students beginning to count syllables.) Then, place the card in the silo that shows the number of syllables. Easy and engaging for your farm theme!


Farm Alphabet

Salt Writing Tray

This farm alphabet tray has been the perfect way to wrap up our week. My new favorite way to store salt trays is by using these food storage containers with one small and one big section. The small section is perfect for standing up cards while this is out, and the large section stores the salt without having to clean it up every time like with the old wooden tray I used to use. Then, I just snap the lid on and it’s ready to go for next time.


These Farm Alphabet Cards have two versions: one with the uppercase and lowercase letter for students working on copying the letter for letter formation and the other with the missing first letter for students who already know the shapes of the letters. My three-year-old used the ones with the uppercase and lowercase letters along with verbal instructions from me to form the letters. My six-year-old used the cards that are missing the first letter to work on identifying initial sounds more. I love how this not only incorporates letter formation, but all of the cards have farm-themed words to build that vocabulary as well.


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This week spent down on the farm was amazing! We learned so many new things about how farms run and work and about all of the interesting animals that live there. I hope you got some ideas for your farm literacy activities for preschoolers! You can grab the entire farm bundle for a discounted price here!

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