Apple Art Activities for Preschool That’ll Excite Their Creativity

Incorporating different types of art projects can be hard, especially when you have so many other subjects and centers to plan and prep. It may be at the bottom of your list, but having different invitations to create is so important. After all, creativity can help you in so many aspects of life, particularly problem-solving. But don’t worry, these apple art activities for preschool are easy to prep and so exciting for your little ones. Check out our apple art projects below!

Apple art activities for preschoolers with background pictures of an apple stamp painting, apple tape art created with a paper plate, an apple painted with bubble wrap to create dots, and apple circle pop art.

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Apple Lesson plans

Apple weekly lesson plans with literacy activities, math activities, science, fine motor, and dramatic play.

Apple Prints

Process Art

Apple prints are a must-do art project during your apple theme! It’s so easy to set up and so much fun for the kiddos to explore different colors and textures made from painting. 


I set out three trays with red, yellow, and green paint. Then, I cut a couple apples in half horizontally to show the intricate star pattern inside. Before starting, I showed the kids how to stamp the apples on a piece of card stock, and then let them get to work creating their masterpieces. These turn out beautifully every time!


Circle Apple Pop Art

Apple Art Activities for Preschool

Apple circle pop art made from stamping black circles over an apple printable and coloring the circles and spaces between different colors.

I am always on the lookout for new art activities for the kids to try out. My latest inspiration came from some street art that we saw when we were exploring Colorado. The geometric design and bright colors amongst the faded buildings caught my attention and my breath. Why not create some pop art just like our inspiration?


First, print out some apple outlines on paper or card stock. Then, dip a cardboard tube in black paint and stamp circles all over the paper. Overlapping creates extra tiny spaces to color. Allow this to dry for at least 1-2 hours. Finally, use crayons or colored pencils to color in all of the spaces created from the black circles. The kiddos are well on their way to creating breathtaking street art!


Apple Tape Art

Fine Motor Art Activity

Apple tape art made from a red paper plate and colored masking tape for an apple art activity for preschoolers.

Anyone else constantly wondering where all the tape goes? My little creators love tape. Some parents have to set limits on electronics, while I’m over here setting limits on tape. So this week, I thought we would create something beautiful using our beloved office supply.


Just give your little ones a red paper plate, some colored masking tape, and scissors. They can decorate their apple any way they’d like, creating a beautiful paper plate apple while working on those fine motor skills. 


Stocking stuffers for this year: tape!


Apple Directed Drawing

Following Instructions

Is drawing an important skill? Yup! Drawing not only helps with those fine motor skills that we are always working on, but it can help in so many other ways, too!


Drawing helps us visualize, which can make it easier to read maps and diagrams. When we draw, we use both sides of our brain. Drawing can help with analytical skills, communication, mental health, understanding a concept, and concentration. So yeah, this is an important life skill! 


This week, we worked on drawing an apple, an apple tree, and an apple blossom. But this bundle of directed drawings includes themed pictures for the entire year! Add this to your art center or writing center to work on the important skill of drawing!


Bubble Wrap Apples

Process Art Activity

My husband likes to keep a clean and organized house. It is absolutely wonderful. Heavenly, in fact. Until you need bubble wrap, and he threw it all away, including the packages you saved for the bubble wrap. Ah!


It’s okay. After weeks of waiting to do this art activity, my kiddos finally got to make bubble wrap apple prints. It was well worth the wait! I first printed the apple outline on white paper. Then, I set the bubble wrap cut into a square in our craft/activity trays from Target. Love these, by the way. Next, the kids painted on the bubbles and we stamped it onto the paper to make a beautiful masterpiece.


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I hope you enjoy implementing some (or all) of these apple art activities for preschool with your students! If you need anything or have any questions, please contact me here, and I’d be happy to help with whatever you need!

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