5 Thanksgiving Literacy Activities You’ll Love Gobbling Up

True story: I left my sister tied up on the couch one Thanksgiving. Boredom had got the better of us, and we started challenging each other to break out of the other one’s knots. Well, there’s no need to declare the winner; I just don’t want you to get left feeling like my sister (all tied up) when it comes to planning your Thanksgiving literacy activities this November. So grab these Thanksgiving weekly lesson plans and get started!

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Thanksgiving Lesson plans

Thanksgiving weekly lesson plans with literacy activities, math activities, science, fine motor, and dramatic play.

Pilglrim Hat ABC

Letter Identification Activity

This song is my jam! ⁣


Note: Apparently it’s not cool to sing this around the house after the activity is over. My husband just laughed at me and rolled his eyes. He just doesn’t get it.⁣


I think singing can add so much fun and engagement to any lesson, which is why I’m constantly coming up with simple songs to add to our activities. ⁣


In this Pilgrim activity, we flipped a lettered card, found the matching letter on the board, and then proceeded to sing, “Put the __ in the hat, in the hat.” 


Not only did the singing add engagement, but so did the Pilgrim hat cup. I don’t know about you, but my girls love filling containers.


Turkey Leg Puzzles

Initial Sound Letter Match

I am obsessed with this new update!⁣

This initial sound turkey activity is now self-correcting with the puzzle piece turkey legs.

Now, you can make sure your Thanksgiving literacy centers run smoothly knowing your kiddos are finding the right letters to match to the initial sound picture on the turkey’s belly. ⁣

Another way to make sure this Thanksgiving literacy activity goes off without a hitch is to only put out a few (5-7) puzzles each day. That way, your students can focus on a few (rather than 52 pieces) at a time. 


Mayflower syllables

Thanksgiving Literacy Activity

I can only imagine what it would be like stuck on the Mayflower for 66 days, rocking around in filth and bodily fluids. I mean, I got seasick on a tube. On a lake, people. 


That little pic of the seasick boy – just draw some blonde hair on him and that’s me. 


It’s really hard as an adult to imagine the conditions on the Mayflower, but picture our poor tots without iPads. I can safely say this concept is as foreign to them as outer space.


But at least we can introduce the topic and build some vocabulary with this Mayflower syllable activity. We said the object pictured on each card aloud, clapped the syllables in the word, and sorted them on the Mayflower mats. 


No nausea involved. I promise.


Turkey Freeze

Letter / Sight Word Game

I know you’ve heard it. It’s all the craze right now.


And honestly, if this song comes on, I can’t resist it either. 


It’s the “Freeze Dance” by the Kiboomers. 


There is just something about it that gets me (and all of our preschoolers moving). Plus, it actually helps kids become better listeners by following the directions in the song. 


This love of freeze dances has started a whole new line of products, including Turkey Freeze.


Sing the song and flap around the room. When you say, “Freeze!” everyone stops by the closest letter or sight word to trace it on the recording sheet. There will be a ton of movement and laughter with this turkey activity!


Turkey trace

Letter Formation Activity

Writing is not always fun and exciting. But there are ways to lure them in like that chocolate cream pie does to me.


Feathers on a dry erase marker will do just the trick!


In fact, they will trace every last turkey card just to flash those feathers around.


These turkey alphabet cards include red dots as starting points to work on that letter formation. Perfect for your Thanksgiving writing center!


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