Pond sensory activities with ducks in blue water.

4 Pond Sensory Bins To Help Us Go With the Flow

Sensory play is always a big splash in our house, especially when paired with a pond theme. Water, water beads, play dough – need I say more? Water play alone engages my little ones for an hour straight, taking their imaginations from the pond to a waterfall and a tornado.

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Pond math activities with a frog feeding activity.

5 Pond Math Activities Dripping with Delight

On one of our nightly walks about a month ago, we discovered a small pond in our neighborhood. To my two little girls, this delightful discovery made them giggle and squeal with joy. When we came back a few weeks later, we saw goslings! Our excitement could not be contained!

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Garden fine motor activities

Garden Fine Motor Activities: Grow Big or Go Home!

Let’s dig in and get our hands dirty with these garden fine motor activities for preschool. Just provide your toddlers with simple materials to engage the senses: the ping of dried black beans against a metal shovel, the smell of floral play dough, the feel of jumping like a grasshopper,

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Garden Math Activities for Preschoolers

5 Garden Math Activities for Preschoolers’ Growing Minds

Nature contains mathematical wonders and patterns. Rose petals spiral into one another, symmetrical leaves unfold in the spring, and daisies blossom a certain number of petals. As we step into the gardening theme, we can appreciate the mathematical beauty of nature as we explore foundational skills for our preschoolers. Here

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Wild West Books We Love for Preschoolers

Top 5 Wild West Books to Wrangle Their Imagination

This week, we ponied up into the Wild West world of kids’ cowboy books, a departure from our usual exploration of princesses and all things pink, given my two young daughters’ interests. We embarked on a journey to uncover the intricacies of cowboy attire, the rugged landscapes they roamed, and

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Wild West Literacy Activities

5 Wild West Literacy Activities to Rein in Preschoolers

There are so many ways to lasso in some excitement to your Wild West theme. With an engaging theme, a little spark of imagination, and a few manipulatives, learning will come to life with these hands-on Wild West literacy activities for our preschoolers. This post contains Amazon affiliate links, which

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Wild West Math Activities

5 Wild West Math Activities to Spur Up Excitement

Math, the subject dreaded by so many, must start with such a strong foundation that everything else just falls into place. The fear and anxiety will dissipate, replaced by an excitement to solve the next problem. With that being said, this week, we saddled up hands-on ways to engage our

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