Weather Theme Preschool Activities

What’s the weather like today? So many of our daily activities are influenced by the weather, which is why this is such an important skill for our little learners! Check out this weather unit full of sunny activities!

Weather Weekly Overview with book recommendations, literacy centers and activities, math activities and centers, science explorations, sensory bins, and STEM. All hands-on activities for preschoolers or kindergarteners to learn through play!

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Weather: Books We Love

Weather Books We Love | Tap Tap Boom Boom, Winter is for Snow, Clouds, When Spring Comes, Hello, World! Weather

It was so hard to choose just five books for weather! There are so many great ones out there!

We started out the week by reading Hello, World! Weather by Jill McDonald.  This book introduces the various types of weather and the articles of clothing that are appropriate for rainy days, windy days, snowy days, and hot days.

Clouds can be dark and gloomy, white and fluffy, or thin and low. Where do clouds come from? Explore the different types of clouds with Clouds by Marion Dane Bauer.

As the thunderstorm taps and booms its way into town, people rush to take cover from the rainstorm. Love the onomatopoeia in Tap Tap Boom Boom by Elizabeth Bluemle

When Spring Comes by Kevin Henkes shows how spring brings about changes: the snow melts, the flowers bud and blossom, the birds chirp, the rain comes in, and everything comes back to life in the spring. The pictures are vibrant and the content is perfect for explaining the season of spring to young children.

We finished the week by reading Winter is for Snow by Robert Neubecker. In this book, a boy describes all of the wonderful things that come in winter, such as sledding, snowball fights, and snowflakes to show his sister how great this season really is.

Weather: Literacy Activities & Centers

Sunshine Sounds

Match the lettered clothespins to the object with the beginning sound to create the perfect sun during a weather preschool theme.

This sunny activity is perfect for learning beginning letter sounds. We found a picture on the sun, said the beginning sound, figured out the letter, and attached the clothespin with the matching letter as one of the sun’s rays. My little one is just beginning to learn letter sounds, so we focused on saying the word and beginning sound several times to figure out the letter. Grab your Sunshine Sounds here!

Cloud Writing

Lettered cloud cards with shaving cream clouds on a tray for preschoolers to practice writing the letters of the alphabet with this weather literacy activity for preschoolers.

I vividly remember my second grade teacher having us practice our spelling words every week in shaving cream on our desk. I loved doing this so much, so I had to create an activity for my little one to try it. We made a cloud out of shaving cream (Lesson learned: less shaving cream is better) and wrote our letters in it using these cards as a visual. So much fun!

Lightning Rhymes

Printed clouds with lightning that show pictures for students to find rhyming words with this literacy center for a weather preschool theme.

Turn off the lights, grab your rainstick, and create a flash of lightning using a flashlight! What toddler doesn’t love playing with flashlights? I would use my flashlight to light up a cloud, say the word, say the ending, and ask my little one to find a rhyming word. For example, “Pop. Pop ends in -op. What other word ends in -op?” Then, she would try to find cop or stop or mop and light it up with her flashlight. Lightning Rhymes is available at my TpT store.

Umbrella abc

Umbrella ABC includes a letter mat with lettered raindrops. Preschoolers draw a card, find the magnetic letters on the board, and check the CVC word on the back with this weather literacy activity for preschool.

Build CVC (consonant – vowel – consonant) words using magnetic letters on top of the Umbrella Raindrop Sheet. First, we drew an umbrella card and found the letters to place under the umbrella. To add in a bit of phonemic awareness, I would say the individual sounds and see if my little one could put them together to make a word. For example, “/z/, /a/, /p/ says … zap!” We are still working on letter sounds, but it doesn’t hurt to start this early. Update: I added pictures on the back for her to self-check and she loved sounding out these words!

Snowball Fight

This snowball letter identification game includes a snowball recording sheet with the letters of the alphabet. Preschoolers or kindergarteners throw lettered snowballs and mark them on the recording sheet to practice letter identification during a weather preschool theme.

“Snowball fight / Pack them tight / Throw them in the air just right! / With a swoosh and a thud as I throw from me to you. / Which letter’s in front of you?” This was by far our favorite activity of this week! So much fun to have a snowball fight in September! Available with both uppercase and lowercase lettered snowballs, uppercase and lowercase recording sheet, and a song card at my TpT store

Weather: Math Activities & Centers

Rainbow Tower Patterns

Colored applesauce caps used to create rainbow tower patterns for a weather math activity.

Let’s add some fine motor building skills into our next math center! Build rainbow towers out of applesauce twist-off caps! We had fun seeing how high we could continue our patterns (AB, AABB, ABC, AAB, ABB) before, “Timber!” 

Windblown Measurement

Numbered clouds taped to the floor for preschoolers to blow a cotton ball cloud and measure how far it travels with this non-standard measurement activity for a weather preschool theme.

See how far you can blow a cloud (marshmallow or cotton ball)! Use these Numbered Clouds for non-standard measurement practice. 

Stir Up a Storm

This weather counting sensory bin includes recipe cards for the perfect storm, including how many cups of sky, clouds, lightning bolts, and rain drops to add to a small tub. Preschoolers count the ingredients (black rocks, white pompoms, foam lightning bolts, and blue gems) with this weather math activity for preschoolers.

“A thunderstorm’s about to brew!” Create the perfect storm by adding the weather items to a small tub! We used small black rocks as sky, but you could also use black beans, black rice, etc., white pompoms for clouds, yellow foam lightning bolts, and blue gems as rain drops. Lots of counting and lots of fun!

Rain Chains

This weather math activity includes numbered clouds with linking chains hooked on to show the number. The numbered raindrops at the bottom incorporate number bonds for each of these rain chains to use as a weather math center.

It’s raining chains! Link blue chains like raindrops to show the number on the cloud. I punched two holes to easily show odd and even numbers (even though this is not a preschool skill). Add in the raindrops for additional counting and number sense! Grab your Numbered Clouds here!

Rain Drop: First to 10

This math game includes numbered raindrop mats for students to keep score. Roll a die and add the gems to be the first to ten or twenty with this weather math game.

Roll the die and add blue gems (raindrops) to the ten frames. Be the first to reach 10 or 20 to win with Rain Drop!

Weather: Other Activities

All About Weather Science Explorations

These weather science activities for preschoolers include matching sensory bottles to the types of weather, showing the weather with a chart, testing which objects will blow in the wind, creating types of clouds with cotton balls, and conducting a sponge cloud experiment. All hands-on science explorations for preschool or kindergarten.

Wow! That is all I can say about these explorations. Everything about these activities is hands-on and so engaging for the little ones! We used the weather chart to display the daily weather and to use as a forecast tool in the science center. I love how the arrows move and the thermometer is adjustable with the red pipe cleaner in the straw. We also explored the different types of weather by looking at different sensory bottles and sorting them on the mat. Next, we tested different objects to see which objects would blow in the wind (box fan) and sorted the cards on the sheet. We tested to see how many pipettes full of water our cloud (a sponge) would hold before it began to “rain.” Then, we used a prism to create the colors of the rainbow and clipped colored clothespins on in order. Finally, we created the different types of clouds using cotton balls. Such a phenomenal way to explore weather!

Cloud Demonstration

This cloud demonstration includes a jar full of water with shaving cream on top to represent the cloud. Food dye is dropped on top until it showers or rains out the bottom, showing preschoolers or kindergarteners how a cloud works.

See how a cloud works with this demonstration! Squirt some shaving cream on top of a cup / beaker full of water. Add blue food dye on top and wait for the rain! It was really neat to see what happens when the clouds are “full”. 

It’s Raining Sensory Bin

This water sensory bin includes little plastic people, sponges, and cups with a certain number of holes poked in the bottom for preschoolers to explore rain with this weather sensory bin for toddlers.

Use clouds as sponges and cups with holes poked in the bottom to create this rainy sensory bin. We also used people with drink umbrellas to add to the excitement! To incorporate some math to this activity, we put numbered stickers on the cups and that’s how many holes we poked in the bottom. My tot helped me count as we prepped for the activity. It was neat to play around with the cups to see the different number of holes. 

Raindrop Letters Sensory Bin

This sensory bin includes water beads and alphabet cookie cutters for preschoolers to drop water beads into, creating letters while working on fine motor skills during a weather preschool theme.

Use cookie cutter letters and water beads to create this alphabetic sensory bin! Great way to incorporate letter identification into a sensory experience!

Snow Fort: STEM

This snow fort STEAM challenge includes a bowl of marshmallows, toothpicks, and a design grid for preschoolers or kindergarteners to build a snow fort and draw a picture of their design. Can be used during a winter theme or weather preschool theme.

We used toothpicks and marshmallows to build snow forts! Afterward, my little one drew her design on the STEM Challenge Design Sheet. I was actually amazed at how difficult this was for her. Now I know we need to work on more building activities.

This was such an exciting week full of sunshine and rainbows! We hope that you can use some of these activities in your classroom. Check out the full Weather Preschool Bundle with a 20% discount here!

Weather Preschool Bundle with literacy activities and centers, math activities and centers, science explorations, and STEM.

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