Pets Activities that are Pawsitively Purr-fect

We spent the week learning with these pawsitively purr-fect pet activities for preschool or kindergarten. Pets are a part of our everyday lives and can provide us with companionship, help reduce our stress, and build up those positive, feel-good vibes. This is why we love our pets so much, and they become our family. Take a look at our week with these pet activities:

Pets Weekly Overview with book recommendations, literacy activities and centers, math activities and centers, dramatic play, and sensory bins. All hands-on activities for preschoolers to learn through play!

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Pets: Books We Love

Pets Books We Love: Lola Gets a Cat; My Pet Wants a Pet; What Pet Should I Get; Dog's Colorful Day; Strictly No Elephants; Can I Be Your Dog?

Another great one from Dr. Seuss: What Pet Should I Get? A brother and a sister visit a pet store and, of course, cannot decide on which pet to get. I love how this book leaves the ending open, so the kiddos can guess which pet they actually got!

Next up we read Lola Gets a Cat by Anna McQuinn. In this book, Lola wants a cat, but does her homework first by going to the library for research and practicing taking care of a stuffed kitty. That way, she is prepared to take care of her new kitten that she brings home from the animal shelter.

Dog’s Colorful Day by Emma Dodd is the story of a dog who gains a new and colorful spot every time something messy and colorful is spilled. Not only does this lend itself to color identification, but it is also a great counting book. As we read our book, we actually used dot stampers to add colorful dots to a dog outline – the perfect addition to our story.

I heard this phrase that I absolutely love: At the end of the day, I’d rather be excluded for who I include, than be included for who I exclude. Strictly No Elephants by Lisa Mantchev exemplifies this phrase perfectly. When a boy is excluded from the Pet Club for his pet elephant, he creates a Pet Club with all sorts of unique and unusual pets from around the neighborhood. Love that this book incorporates the lesson that we should include someone despite our differences!

Our last read aloud for the week was My Pet Wants a Pet by Elise Broach. A little boy begs his mother for a dog until he finally gets one. After awhile, the dog wants something to take care of on his own – his own pet! The dog gets a pet cat, who ends up getting a pet bird, who ends up getting a pet worm, until everything goes crazy!

Pets: Literacy Activities & Centers

Fish Bowl Letter Sounds

Fish Bowl Letter Sounds | Match fish counters to the initial sound pictures that begin with the same letter with this pet-themed preschool activity.

I am just in love with this type of initial sound practice because the repetition of multiple objects beginning with the same letter helps reinforce the sound. In Fish Bowl Letter Sounds, we placed fish counters on top of the pictures that began with the same sound as the letter at the top.

Alpha-Birds Feather Writing

Alpha-Birds Feather Writing | Use a feather to add engagement to your salt tray with this pet-themed literacy activity for preschool.

I am always looking for ways to add engagement to writing, and here it is: write with feathers! It’s so different than a pencil, right?!? This week, we used these colorful Alpha-Birds with our salt trays to practice letter formation. Love using these plastic food containers for our salt trays because they have the perfect spot for cards and can store without spilling!

Dog Tag Letter Match

Dog Tag Letter Match | Match the lowercase letters on the dog tags to the uppercase letters on the dogs with this pet-themed literacy activity for preschool.

Next, we hooked lowercase dog tags with linking chains to match the uppercase letters on the dogs. Such a cute way to practice letter matching and identification!

Lizard Wizard Rhyming Activity

Lizard Wizard Rhyming Activity | Determine if the words on the cards rhyme and magically sort them into the Wizard Lizard's cauldron. Great pet-themed literacy activity for preschool!

What is more magical than a kiddo waving a magic wand to determine the rhyming words? If you have cauldrons, that would make this activity even more magical! Grab your Wizard Lizard here!

Birdy Bell Syllables

Birdy Bell Syllables | Count the number of syllables of the words inside the bird cage and hook on the corresponding number of linking chains with a bell. Great pet-themed literacy activity for preschool.

Do your kiddos get excited about jingle bells? I know I do, and I am all grown up! At least I try to be most days. Count the syllables of the word inside the bird cage and hook the corresponding number of linking chains on the bottom of the card. The bell is the perfect finishing touch for this Birdy Bell Syllables activity!

Pets: Math Activities & Centers

Pet Feeding

Pet Feeding Counting Activity for the Sensory Bin | Scoop food (dried black beans) into these pets containers with this math preschool activity with a pet theme!

These sensory bin counting activities are truly our favorites! In Pet Feeding, we scooped food (dried black beans) using a medicine cup into the corresponding pet’s bowl! So much counting and so much fun! I found these small pet bowls at Wal-Mart for only 97 cents!

Parrot Patterns

Parrot Patterns | Use clothespins to continue the patterns of the parrot's feathers! Great fine motor math activity for a preschool pet theme!

These parrots are the perfect way to practice continuing patterns. Just clip on colored clothespins and voila! To help you easily differentiate, these parrots come in AB, ABC, ABCD, and AABB patterns.

Pet Store Miniature Dramatic Play

Pet Store Math Dramatic Play | Count up the money to buy the pets with this miniature dramatic play activity! Perfect way to incorporate math into your pet preschool theme!

This miniature pet store was a huge hit with us! We used our wooden box from our Melissa & Doug car set to make this pet store come to life (but you can easily lay the pet store flat). We added in our pet counters and this led to hours of fun (and learning). Love that the clocks incorporate time to the hour and the Doggy Dollars incorporate counting!

Pet Shop Shapes

Pet Shop Shapes | Use blocks to build these cages into different shapes. Great preschool activity to incorporate math in your blocks center!

Add some math to your blocks center by building these Pet Shop Shapes! We just did it using small blocks, but it could easily be adapted to blocks of any shape or size.

Feed the Bunny

Feed the Bunny Measurement Activity | Draw a card, count the cubes, and find a carrot to match the length to feed the bunny! Great way to incorporate non-standard measurement into your pet preschool theme!

Nom! Nom! Nom! These carrots are the perfect snack for this hungry bunny! Draw a card, link together the corresponding number of cubes, and find a carrot that measures that same length to feed to the bunny. Love this activity, and my kiddos especially loved the added dried peas to dig around in for the carrots!

Pets: Other Activities

Animal Shelter

Animal Shelter Dramatic Play | Pretend to work at an animal shelter by caring for the pets, bathing them, and taking them to the vet clinic! Comes with all of the signs and forms to bring yours to life during your pet preschool theme!

Dramatic play is always such a big hit with us! At the animal shelter, we set up four different stations: a vet clinic to give check-ups with the form as a guide, kennels with bio sheets and checklists for each animal, a grooming area with instructions on how to give an animal a bath, and the outdoors for taking the animals on walks. Our favorite part was definitely giving those sick animals check-ups! There are just so many skills incorporated into dramatic play, which is why it my favorite, too!

Aquarium Sensory Bin

Aquarium Sensory Bin with water beads, fish tank plants, and fish counters! Perfect sensory activity for a pet preschool theme!

Feeling stressed? Need a pick-me-up? The answer to all of your problems is water beads. Move over, kids, it’s my turn! But seriously, I do know why they are always such a magnet for the kids! This week, we made our water beads into an aquarium with these fish tank plants and coral. I added in some fish counters and seashells as scoops. Their favorite part was definitely putting the water beads into the holes in the coral, so if you can find something like that, do!

Pet Collars Fine Motor Craft

Pet Collars | Make collars out of pipe cleaners and pony beads to use in your pet preschool theme! Great fine motor activity!

Does anyone else love beading? We sure do! We made these pet collars using pony beads on a pipe cleaner. Then, we used them in our animal shelter dramatic play for the week! These tags are included in both the Animal Shelter Dramatic Play and the Dog Tag Letter Match.

Cat Tree Design

Cat Tree Design | Build a cat tree with Legos and draw your design on this grid! STEM activity for a pet preschool theme!

Cats sure do love to climb and crawl in small spaces. Have your students design a cat tree using Legos! We even used this STEM design grid to draw pictures of our finished product! Note: This STEM design grid is not included in the bundle.

Dog Treat Play Dough Invitation

Dog Treat Play Dough Invitation | Create a dog treat using play dough during your pet preschool theme.

I always love to incorporate play dough whenever I can, so this week we made dog treats using play dough, pom-poms, tiddly winks, plastic bones, and cookie cutters. Why is this so much fun?

These pet activities were packed with so much learning and so much fun – purr-fect for preschool or kindergarten. I hope that you enjoy them as much as we did! Please let me know if there is anything I can do to make these resources work for you and your kiddos by emailing me here. As always, the bundle is discounted, so grab your pet activities here:

Pets Bundle | Literacy Activities, Math Activities, Dramatic Play and more.

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