Garden Literacy Activities That Will Grow Your Preschooler’s Mind

My one true hope and dream for my children is that they become avid readers, enveloped in the plot of a good book. I hope they become so invested in the characters they meet that they could see them as friends and empathize with their emotions. I hope books transport them to faraway lands and teach them enlightening lessons. To start this love of reading, we not only need to model it ourselves by curling up with a good book, but teach our little ones the foundational skills of reading. These garden literacy activities will hopefully accomplish that goal, growing their skills one flower bud at a time.

5 Engaging Garden Literacy Activities for Preschool

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Garden Literacy Activities

Planting the ABC’s

Planting the ABC's Letter Match | Lettered vegetables on popsicle sticks with printed seed packets. Planting the sticks in an egg carton like a garden.

Love this so much! First, we pretended to plant seeds by sprinkling the seed packets over our garden. Then, we watched our vegetables sprout up as we planted them in this egg carton garden with Planting the ABC’s. This activity was the perfect opportunity to talk about how and why gardens are planted in rows. As we farmed our way through the alphabet, we also were able to pretend like we were real gardeners.

  • Recognize the names of a minimum of 10 letters of the alphabet, specifically letters in own name.

Sunflower Seed ABC

Sunflower Seed ABC | Cards printed with sunflowers and letters with sunflower seeds on top.

For this next activity: Try not to eat too many sunflower seeds like my little one did! We matched the uppercase letters on the sunflowers to the lowercase letters on the sunflower seeds. Then, we constructed the letters using sunflower seeds for a great way to practice letter identification. Grab your Sunflower Seed ABC here!

  • Recognize the names of a minimum of 10 letters of the alphabet, specifically letters in own name.

Flower Power Rhymes

Flower Power Rhyming Activity | Flowers with pictures on popsicle sticks planted in clay pots with dried black beans as soil.

Plant the flowers that rhyme in the same pot. Love that this incorporates the little pots in the sensory bin! This activity was great for beginning rhymers because each set of rhyming words has a purple, pink, and red flower.

  • Recognize rhyming words and alliteration.

Soil Search: Garden ABC

Soil Search Garden ABC Initial Sound Match | Printout with garden-themed words for students to place magnetic letters found in a sensory bin filled with dried black beans, gardening tools, and clay pots.

It’s time to get your hands dirty and dig through the soil to find letters that match the beginning sounds of these garden-themed words! We first found a picture we knew on the Garden ABC mat (placed on top of a cookie sheet from the Dollar Tree). Then, we dug through the soil to find the magnetic letter that matched the initial sound. We placed the letter on top for a low-prep literacy activity!

  • Demonstrate understanding of initial sounds of words.

Nature Walk Scavenger Hunt

Nature Walk Scavenger Hunt with a photograph of a dandelion, flower, butterfly, and the printout with items to find in nature.

Freebie! This nature hunt was the most relaxing part of my day! We strolled along at a toddler’s pace and simply observed our surroundings, trying to find the different items found in nature. Such a great way to build vocabulary when starting a new unit! Grab yours for free at my Teacher Pay Teachers store!

  • Use language to express ideas in complete sentences (with support of sentence stems as needed).

More Garden Activities

I hope that these garden literacy activities inspire your green thumb with your little one! You can grab the entire garden bundle with all of the printables at my Teacher Pay Teachers store. If you have any questions or need something to make this work for your classroom, please e-mail me here. I would be happy to help with anything you need!

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